Quotables: Julianne Moore Is “Not The Fun One,” When It Come To Parenting

Julianne Moore, , who is married to Bart Freundlich admits, she’s “not the fun one,” when it comes to her kids Cal and Liv – but she says her greatest asset is her ability to be invisible.

“I’m really good at not embarrassing them,” she says. “Maybe their father’s more fun, but he’s really embarrassing. Most of the time, kids like you to be there, to be Mom, but in the background.”

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  • hannahmommy

    her kiddos are gorgeous……love how they have the same hair colour as mom!

  • Katrina

    Her daughter is just so cute. Ive always loved that deep red hair color, my sister has the same

  • Rinoa

    They are stunning. I love their hair colour so much!

  • dea

    wow, what a gorgeous family!

  • Carolina

    Look at that girl, she is too cute! They have been here in Rio de Janeiro and left the best impression, she was so nice, polite and beautiful!

  • Isbell

    I love that hair color too, its so unike. That is the kind of color you only can dye on, not have naturally. But they have it, urrgh Im jealous!

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