Tina Fey’s Daughter Thinks She’s Sarah Palin

Tina Fey recently played VP candidate Sarah Palin on “SNL” – but it actually took her awhile to agree to take the part.

Saying that Palin “seems like a perfectly nice lady,” she said she was very reluctant at first to admit there was a resemblance between them.

“I was very resistant to acknowledge that there was a resemblance,” Fey said.

But, as usual, out of the mouths of babes – it was her 3-year-old daughter Alice who finally made her own up to the resemblance.

“Then my kid saw Sarah Palin on TV and said ‘That’s Mommy.’”

Still, Tina definitely does not want Sarah Palin to become a recurring character on SNL.

“I want to be done playing this lady November 5th,” Fey said when asked backstage about how she feels about the election. “So, if anyone can help me be done playing her on November 5th…”


Photo: Flynet 1/27

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  1. Lea

    Yes let’s all help Tina! No Palin no McCain!

  2. Theresa

    I think she is much prettier then Palin!

    Here’s hoping McCain “quack” and Palin “anti woman rights” never get into office…and I don’t even live in the US! LOL!

  3. Michelle

    Wow. Do you seriously think Sarah Palin, a woman, a mother….of daughters, is against women’s rights? She’s not. She just thinks that it shouldn’t be legal to kill a baby in utero. That’s a far cry from being against women’s rights (especially if the baby is a female!) You may disagree with her position on abortion but to mischaracterize her doesn’t help anything.

    If you think about it, women aren’t allowed to do lots of things with their bodies: they aren’t allowed to sell parts of their body (ie organs). They aren’t allowed to have sex with their body for profit (ie prostitution). They aren’t allowed to run around naked with their body. They aren’t allowed to kill their body. There are lots of things we aren’t allowed to do. It doesn’t mean that women don’t have rights. It means that we have responsibilities that go along with those rights. The debate has merits, of course, as a free exchange of ideas is essential, but mud-slinging and mischaracterization and name calling and insults do not have any merit, in my opinion.

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