A Jade Goody Update

The devastated mom-of-two fights for her kids, Bobby, 5 and Freddie, 3, who are currently being looked after by their father Jeff Brazier. A friend of hers says,

“Jade is really worried that she will feel so ill and weak that she won’t be able to look after the boys or do anything.”

Source : Daily Mail

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  • Good luck to her – those boys are too young to be without their mommy.

  • kellie saunders

    My heart goes out to jade i really feel for her and her children. noone should ever have to go through what jade is going through its not fair. my sister went through alot while dealing with cervical cancer and might have to under go having a hysterectomy herself. she has 4 children and feels the same as jade. i just hope that everything all works out for her and that she can get her life back on trck. good luck jade thinking of you always.

  • Sophie

    I think jade is a great person and she shouldn’t have to leave her children behind her, Nobody should have to go through what she has and i think she is INCREDIBLY strong for going through it. I think all them people who slated her for being racist should feel ashamed because “yeah she was racist but she is going through a lot and she doesn’t need anymore pressure from the people who did.. 😀

  • Sophie


  • Nila Diab

    I felt sorry for Jade Goody and her children. I hope and pray that there will be a miracle. We will pray for you jade. God Bless you and ur family.

  • pamela

    jade u r the bravest person i no. ur boys must b so proud 2 have a mam like u. x x x x

  • I feel really sorry to world that we are gonna lose a good person , my heart with u jade love ya .

    this is the place where all people is praying that u will feel less pain.

    god bless you.

  • Eileen Mulligan

    I would just like to wish Jade the very best of luck in her battle against this terrible cancer. I think she is a very brave girl and I will say a pray that her miracle comes trough.

  • emma&dec

    heyahh we love jade goodie and its such a shame she has to leave her 2 sons x x x

  • Helen

    My heart goes out to jade & your family…
    You are sooooo brave !!!
    There are no words any one can say but we love you hun

  • Anonymous

    i luv u jade

  • Debbie thomas

    jade you are the most remarkable person in our family, you must be going through hell but still keep us all entertained. we watched you in big bro many years ago with my eldest daughter she is now a police woman in london. my youngest daughter who is nearly 14 is your idol she is so obsest with you and what you are going through,. she has had 2 cervical cancer jabs so far because we live in spain and here they are well aware of the problems that you are going through.. all we can say is that you are an amasing woman and we love and admire you. enjoy the time with your sonsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • dear jade you are the bravest woman i know and because of you the awareness of cancer has increased, wishing you the best of luck, i will miss you, i love to watch you on tv you are so pretty and funny and kind and gentle, all the best lisa 22 belfast

    love you so much

  • yvonne

    Jade I wish you all the luck in the world and hope a miracle happens for you and your boys. I think they should bring in awareness at schools for cancer as it can start in teens as well, my 17yr old grandson has just been told he has testicle cancer .Take care and take everyday as its comes and enjoy married life

  • Xafira

    Jade, I take part in your sufferings and pains. I am so much grieved and depressed which I think of you every passing day. I pray to God to give you all the peace and to take away all your pains. You are a brave woman and I salute you !!

  • simon wells

    god bless jade ur a pleasure to this plantet u are so funny n full of laughter love u always n never forgotten

  • jyw

    Hi Jade,Loved watching you on big brother you are a funny person,you are going to be sadly missed by everyone.Just think your boys are going to be well looked after by your family and there will be a lot of little ones that will need looking after in heaven please look after them .One day you will be reunited with your loved ones .Take care

  • jade stay strong and u have got a nice man 2 look after u love ya bbe 🙂

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