Brangelina Takes Berlin

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have reportedly moved their family of eight into a lakeside mansion in Berlin, Germany for the next 90 days. Angie, 33, Brad, 44, and their six children landed at Berlin’s Tempelhof airport on Tuesday and moved into the regal ‘Palais Parkschloss’ house on the shores of Wannsee lake just outside of Berlin.

Papa Pitt will begin working on the upcoming Quentin Terantino flick, Inglorious Bastards, in three weeks. Until then, the Jolie-Pitt family plan to set up house and relax in Berlin, where they have been spotted many times.

The family of eight will have plenty of room to move in the 12,000 square-meter villa. They will be fully-staffed with 14 body guards patrolling the property, personal chefs and 2 nannies.

In 2001, Steven Seagal reportedly rented the same mansion and caused thousands of dollars worth of damage. I’m sure the Jolie-Pitt kids will behave themselves much better than Steven. 😉

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These 2 are not the richest celebs out there. Theyseem to be living above their means. And what is with all the excess for such humantarians. I am disappointed in them for wasting so much when they know there are people who could have used this money. France is near Germany. Brad can travel every 3 days if he wanted instead of renting another house yet they leased out a whole chateau. I am starting to quite dislike them. They are pretenders. True humantarains dont live like this. Those children are going to grow up with issues as well.


Being a humanitarian doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t be able to spend your money where you want to. If I was Brad, I would not want to commute back and forth with 6 kids, 2 of them a month old, at home. If you could be with your family every minute of every day, you’d do it.

On another note, there are already paps renting boats and waiting out on the river near that house.


They CANT live like other people. Its ridiculous to say they should be living frugal when they have to worry about their saftey and privacy.


Germany and France may be close, but Berlin is quite far from where they were staying I think.

Clare, Being a humanitarian doesn’t mean that you have to renounce to own assets, nor to your own life, nor that you can’t enjoy your own money. The jolie-Pitt could give to charity all the million they own, but the world wouldn’t change for this. You are right, they are not the richest, but for sure they give more than others who are richest than them. They do what they can do, and the important message they give is that people don’t have to forget the poorest one, and that everyone can give something, not only the richest one. Just… Read more »