Madonna, Lourdes and Rocco Tour A Church

Madonna took her two oldest kids, Lourdes, 11, and Rocco, 7, on a tour of the Basilica di Santa Croce church in Gerusalemme in Rome. The church has a policy of females covering their heads, which Lourdes respectfully observed. The family was given given a tour of the church and showed its religious paintings and artifacts, and were treated to a rendition of the Gregorian Chant from the monks.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin

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  1. Isbell

    Its very disrespectfull of Madonna to not cover her head, and she doesn’t even belive in christianity so what is she doing there? As far as I know thats not her religion.

  2. Anna

    Isbell – I’d rather say that showing your knees and deep cleavage would be considered as disrespectful. As far as I know, you are not allowed to enter the church in Rome without your knees and shoulders covered!!! Interesting, when I was there, the rule still held true.

  3. Isbell, being of a religion doesn’t have anything to do with visiting a church as a tourist. I don’t believe in religion or God but when I’m in cities like Rome I visit the churches and when I’m in Beijing I visit Buddhist temples. There is nothing wrong with that.

    It does seem strange they were allowed in. I don’t know about Rome but in Venice there were guards by the door of the churches that stopped you if your knees were showing.

  4. gia

    oh to be soooo rich & on a eurpopean vacation!! lucky.
    i will say though madonna’s face looks brutal. she finally pushed her surgeries over the limit & it shows.

  5. Isbell

    Anna – Ofcourse that also, I forgot to write about that while I wrote my comment.

    Sarita – I know, But I think its very disrespektful of her for not fallowing the tradition and respect the churchs rules, And Also she has insault the pope which annoys me, thats why I wonder what she’s doing there. Obviously she isn’t into the religion it self, and doesn’t respect it either. Even if you are not a beliver of the religion, you should still respect it.

  6. I’m thinking she took them there as more of a “visit to a museum” than “visit to a church.” From the look of the place, there are all sorts of fascinating stuff there.

    I would LOVE to be able to travel to places like this!

  7. Helena

    I think it’s great that she took them in church. It’s not just religious thing. They’re fascinating architectural treasures!
    But I’m indeed surprised they were allowed to enter a church dressed like this! I was in Rome and visited many churches and everywhere were these guards carefully looking at what you wear! They’d never let you enter dressed like this! How did she do it?

  8. Anonymous

    Lourdes looks hip. Cute little outfit.

  9. dea

    @Helena, that’s called: CELEBRITY POWER. Much greater than the one “above”

  10. Caroline

    Has anyone ever seen Madonna and Jocelyn Wildenstein in the same room? no? I rest my case.

    her daughter looks cute here. She’s a young kid but good for her covering her head. Madonna barrels through regardless of the custom.

    I think regardless of religion you should heed the customs of whatever place you visit. Period. It’s respect and not being the ‘ugly American’

  11. hannah

    I’ve traveled all over the world and even if you don’t necessarily “believe” or practice the countries customs normally, you’re still in their land, so like it or not you have to respect that and do as is asked of you. I always say, if you don’t like it, then leave. But it doesn’t suprise me one bit that Madonna doesn’t acquiesce to traditional requests, she doesn’t have respect for anyone or anything.

    Lourdes and Rocco look adorable as always!

  12. alicia

    I’ve been in Italy a few times and Madonna totally respect the church policy:
    no shoulders shown off; the knees are ok, you can show your knees, but JUST your knees (not higher than that) Obviously when you sit your troussers or skirt goes a little more up, but it’s ok. Also, children are allowed a more flexible dressing style, so Lourdes can wear shorts without any problem. I’ve seen tourist dressed far worse (with more flesh on display) allowed to enter the churches. Oh, and since like forty years ago, you don’t have to enter a catholic church with your head covered, if you are a women.

  13. Michelle

    In these pics, Madonna looks more appropriately dressed than the other women (who also aren’t wearing a head covering). I think it’s possible that Madonna simply asked whether the head covering was required or not and was told that it wasn’t necessary. How can we know? It’s easy to assume the negative but why trouble ourselves with that? Bottom line is that we just don’t know the truth and I prefer to assume the person is innocent until proven guilty.

  14. G

    I, too, first tought that Madonna was dressed disrespectfully but judging from the other images where she stands I think that she is properly dressed. Lourdes is not but she is still so young that I think it’s ok.
    I don’t know how strict they are about women covering their heads because the other women’s heads were also uncovered. It’s not general rule in catholic churches anymore.

    Even though I’m not believer of any religion I think you should obey their rules when it comes to how to act and dress while you are in their place of worship. But that shouldn’t stop you from visiting them. These places usually have great cultural, historical and architechtural value without mentioning those valuable pieces of art that is hanging in those places .

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