Quotables: Kevin Costner “Include Your Children In Everything You Can”

Kevin Costner and his wife, Christine Baumgartner, 33, have a 1-year-old son Cayden. Costner, 53, is a strong believer in including his kids in everyday life.

“If Cayden were 5 years old, he could sit right here in the living room and listen to us talk. If he started interrupting, I’d say, ‘No, that’s not how talks go between people. We’re talking, and if you want to ask a question, you wait and ask during the gaps.’ I think you should include your children in everything you can, even if they are too young to absorb it all.”

Source: PARADE


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  • Katrina

    I totally agree. I think alot of childish behavior could be prevented by not treating your kids like theyre idiots. There are adult things that do not include children, but kids really benifit from being included

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