Constance Marie Is Expecting Her 1st Child – A Girl

Former George Lopez star, 43-year-old Constance Marie, is pregnant with her first child with fiance, yoga teacher Kent Katich. The couple are expecting a baby girl in February,

“I am feeling good now,” the five-months pregnant actress said. “But the beginning was rough! Instead of ‘morning sickness,’ they should call it ‘all day sickness!'”

Constance said she “wasn’t sure” she wanted to have a child for many years,

“But after 10, 11 years of playing a mom, starting with [1997 biopic] Selena and then to the George Lopez show, I think I finally decided that I wanted to be one in real life!” She added, “If you’re not around children constantly, you don’t realize how wonderful they are!”

She said they are thrilled it’s a girl,

“It’s all so exciting! A little girl!” She added that she and Katich aren’t sure if they’ll wed before the baby arrives, “I think marriage is a wonderful thing, and I believe in it, but really things are so good … why mess with them? I’ve heard success stories from both sides, so I think we are good.” She added, “It’ll be his little girl, too – and she’ll have his last name. I hope she has his nose too! He has a great nose!”

Source: Us

Photo: Frank Micelotta for Us

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  • gia

    wow, 43! she is lucky it happened!

  • wow, im soo happy for her i hope they have baby pictures i want o see her soo badly. Good thing shes having it now and not when shes 50!

  • jesse

    wow by the time the baby is 20 she will be like 60…. personally i dont think she should have one… i think she should have thought it over before she tried for one

  • veronica

    immmmmmmmmmmmm such a big constance marie fan…… and im super happy for her and her newbaby i hope everything is ok with her pregnancy……….. omg i just realized she is having a baby next month congrats…………………


  • MButkovich

    Congrats to Kent & Constance on the birth of Luna! What a lucky little girl… two wonderful parents and a supportive family. Enjoy every moment you two!

  • constance marie fan

    wow, im so happy for her i mean if she can have a baby then so can paula abdul, and anyone who really wants one

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