Lynne Spears: ‘Differing Reactions To Jamie-Lynn And Bristol Palin’s Pregnancies Hypocritical’

Jamie-Lynn Spears got pregnant when she was 16, and 17-year-old Bristol Palin is pregnant now. But according to Jamie-Lynne’s mom, Lynn Spears, the difference in the public reaction to the two girls’ pregnancies couldn’t be more different.

It’s a totally different reaction. It’s as if [Sarah Palin] became celebrated. I mean, the mother, Palin, was celebrated for this. Every woman in the world has applauded her strength and her convictions and poor little old Jamie Lynn—you saw how she was crucified. Everybody did, firsthand … I just feel like it’s been a very hypocritical situation.

What do you think – is the difference in reaction to the girls’ pregnancy news hypocritical? Or do you think there were other factors that contributed to the public’s reactions?

Source: Newsweek

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  • Theresa

    There were lots of other factors I think that made it different for both girls…first Sarah Palin acknowledged Bristol’s pregnacy and gave her support right away…not saying it was right but not condeming her

    Jamie-Lynn’s parents wouldn’t comment and for months the public speculated and then once it was confirmed didn’t give their opinion either way…also JL was in the public eye…on tv…the star of a show that impressionable young girls watch daily…Bristol…is an unknown and hopefully once Obama wins…she and her family will fade from the public eye…

    An unfortunately for JL she got pregnant first…from golden girl to pregnant at 17…was a big shock!

  • Audrey

    It absolutely is hypocritical. No one, other than conservatives, are “applauding” Bristol and Sarah Palin for having that baby and they’re only doing so for political purposes. If this were Obama’s daughter, or if Sarah Palin were running on the dems ticket, they would probably receive as negative a reaction as Jaime Lynn did.

    If anything, Sarah Palin and not Jaime Lynn’s mom should be held at a higher standard and expected to be able to properly raise a daughter since she’s running for a job where she could potentially have influence over the option available for future pregnant teens.

  • Michelle

    Good question! It’s hard to gauge whether it’s “hypocritical” or not because the people “up in arms” about the Spears family may or may not be the same people who are supportive of the Palins. I, for one, am happy that those two babies have been spared the agony of being ripped apart or burned to death, unsedated in both instances, in their mother’s wombs. I got the impression from the whole JL thing that it was a certain liberal bunch (not all liberals of course but the ones who bully/attack those that they don’t like) who were calling her names because they thought she was white trash, etc. (but I could be mistaken about that). It seems like once they decide they don’t like you, then they feel they have free license to go on the offensive, regardless of facts. They definitely enjoyed making fun of Britney and her downward spiral and tearing the family down every chance they got! It was just too easy to start attacking JL when she became pregnant.

  • Peta

    Family differences aside, both involved pregnant teenagers and only one was raked over hot coals in the media about it. Take a wild guess who that girl was, and which side did the raking.

    I cannot believe I’m about to type this, but this may be the only time I agree with Lynne Spears.

  • Sherry

    I agree that Bristol and Jamie should not be be judged because, after all, they both chose life but Jamie WAS in the public eye and she WAS a role model for young girls at the time of her pregnancy but I applaud them both for carrying the pregnancies and doing the next right thing.

  • Lori

    I think one of the reasons why JLS was skewered by the media and and everyone else is becuase we were already saturated with Britney and her many breakdowns and missed court hearings for her children and so when the story broke about JLS being pregnant, I think maybe the attitude towards the whole family “was great, another messed up Spears.” It was just more fuel for the fire.

    Unfortunately, teen pregnancy happens and can happen to anyone, no matter what a parent of a teen’s station in life is. It is never easy.

    I wish both young ladies and their children the very best.

  • Jen

    I am in total agreement with Lori. I think the negative reaction to JL was due in part to the mess that Britney had created around herself. It’s not like it is completely unheard of that a 16/17 year old got pregnant, but JL’s pregnancy was glorified by the media for the sole reason that she was Britney’s younger sister. It it had been another one of the girl’s on JL’s TV show, no one would have heard about it. Maybe a little article buried in a magazine but that’s it.

    As for Bristol, no one cared until her mother went into the spotlight but I do think there is a lot “damage control” going on behind the scenes to lessen harsh opinions on the matter. Also, you don’t see Bristol doing covers for OK magazine either :/

    So I can understand how it can be taken as hypocritical. The situations may be the same but the circumstances and how they are handled are completely different so therefore there are different reactions.

  • Case

    JL got pregnant by accident… Bristol? Well it’s family tradition to get knocked up first, that’s how Sarah Palin trapped her stay at home husband.

  • anonymous

    Both Jamie-Lynne and Bristol Palin were ridiculed for being pregnant at a young age. JL was raked over the coals because she was a celebrity in her own right and the sister of Britney who was having so many problems.BP was ridiculed as well because she was the daughter of a conservative candidate for V.P. Personally, all I have heard is how wonderful it was for both of these young ladies to take responsibility for their situation and have their babies.

  • Han

    I agree with Lynn on this one. There were completely different reactions to roughly the same situation.

    I know this is off topic but since it’s been brought up in here, I feel like I have to say something regarding JLS and Bristol’s decision to keep their babies. Although it’s great that they both decided to go through with their pregnancies, I think we have to remember that both young women are way more financially secure and have many more resources than the average young woman who gets pregnant. I think it was definitely easier for them to make the decision to keep their babies than other young women.

  • britmama

    Babies are a blessing. The sad thing is that some young girls do not have the support systems that both these girls have, or the finances to raise a child for that matter. Yes, plenty of people would love to adopt, but for the most part young women choose to keep their children.

    Having to juggle school, low paying jobs, inadequate healthcare coverage, education resources is not easy. With the country in economic and political turmoil, those at the low end of society will have it even harder.

    I don’t think that teenage pregnancy should be applauded. It happens, but it should not be condoned.

  • Katrina

    It was absolutely less critical towards Bristol then towards Jamie Lynn.

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