Travis Barker’s Kids Don’t Know About His Accident

Second update: While TMZ corrected their original statement about Chris Baker’s wife being pregnant at the time, he does in fact have a child – 2-year-old son Sebastian. He also leaves behind wife Otilla Villar. One of the pilots, James Bland, leaves behind a widow, Anne Marie, and a 16-year-old daughter Erin. Both Travis and DJ AM are expected to recover – DJ AM has already left the hospital, in fact.

Click below to read the original post, as well as the statement made to E! News.

Gail Moakler, Shanna Moakler’s mother, says that her grandchildren – Landon, 4, and Alabama, 2 – do not know about their father’s plane crash.

“We’re waiting a bit to see what God brings,” says their grandmother, who adds, “Shanna spoke to Travis last night. He was defiant after the accident and didn’t want to be lifted in a helicopter, but rather an ambulance, so they had to knock him out.”

Upon hearing the news of the crash, “Shanna flew out this morning, and I am going to L.A. to be with the children so that she can devote time to Travis,” Gail Moakler tells PEOPLE. “There’s still love between them,” says Gail Moakler. “They may be divorced, but they’re still very close. She spends a lot of time with him. Their priorities are their kids.”

TMZ is reporting that Travis was “burned from the waist down but expected to survive.” DJ AM’s face has severe burns and he is “a doctor-induced coma so he can undergo skin grafts.” Reps for the two have released a joint statement available here, where they are reported to be in “critical but stable condition.”

UPDATE: TMZ has corrected its previous post stating Chris Baker’s wife was in labor – a publicist says she was not. A rep for Travis and DJ AM released a statement saying that she is not even pregnant to E!News.

Statement made to E! Online:

“In regards to [inaccurate reports], Lil Chris Baker did not ask for a jet to meet his wife in delivery because she’s not even pregnant. A private jet had always been chartered as DJ AM had a private engagement today in Los Angeles.”

Original post: Among the deceased is Travis’ assistant, Chris Baker, whose wife went into labor yesterday. Travis, who does not usually fly on private planes, promised to get his friend back in time for the birth of his child. The plane overran the runway shortly after midnight, killing Chris, Travis’ bodyguard, Charles Still, and the plane’s two pilots, Sarah Lemmon and James Bland.

Source: People; TMZ;; E!News Online; People print edition, October 6; Yahoo

Photo: Pacific Coast News 5/18

Thanks to Kate for the E!News statement.

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  • poppy

    Omg. omg. That is so horrible. Poor poor wife of Chris Barker.

  • Pencils

    My heart breaks for that poor woman in labor whose husband is dead, and their poor baby who will never know his or her father.

  • Kate

    E! online just posted: Refuting earlier reports that Chris Baker, Travis Barker’s friend and business partner who was one of four people killed in a private-plane crash Friday night that left Barker and DJ AM severely injured, was on his way home to be with his pregnant wife, a rep for AM has released this statement:

    “In regards to [inaccurate reports], Lil Chris Baker did not ask for a jet to meet his wife in delivery because she’s not even pregnant. A private jet had always been chartered as DJ AM had a private engagement today in Los Angeles.”

    So… thank god for that at least

  • Thank you, Kate. That is actually one good thing that’s come out of this so far – that is such a heartbreaking thing to think about!

    You know, you never think anything bad is going to happen to anyone you know or familiar with, and then when it does it shocks you! My hopes and prayers are with him.

  • Lana

    Thank God they are expected to make full recoveries. I know little about DJ AM, but from what I have seen of Travis, he seems like such a great dad not only to his children, but to Shanna’s other daughter as well who is not even biologically his, even after he and Shanna divorced. Too many people were already lost in this tragedy.

  • Jenna

    This story, accurate information or not, reminds me of a few years ago when Cory Lidle of the Yankees and pilot and friend Tyler Stanger crashed a private plane into a New York apartment building. Cory was on his way home to Los Angeles to be with his wife and child (who were on a commercial flight at the time and told about the accident at the airport) and the pilot, Tyler Stanger’s wife was 5 months pregnant.

    So many celebrities have died in small planes.

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