Matilda Ledger Will Inherit Heath’s Estate

Matilda Rose Ledger, turns 3 on October 28, will inherit her father’s entire estate, Heath’s father Kim says. When Heath died in January, he had not yet updated his will to include his daughter. The beneficiaries listed were his parents and his sisters, and many people wondered whether Heath’s family, or even Matilda’s mother, Michelle Williams, would make a claim on the actor’s estate. But Kim says,

“There is no claim. Our family has gifted everything to Matilda. That was the plan from the moment my boy passed away. There was never any question about the fact that Heath’s estate would go to Matilda. Never a question. We are very close to Michelle and Matilda.”

Heath’s estate is estimated to be about $16.6 million US dollars.

Source: Yahoo; People

Photo: Pacific Coast News 8/29

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I’m glad to hear that it will go to Matilda.

Baby Girl
What an incredibly decent and honorable thing for Heath’s family to do. There are so many cases where distant (and even unproven) kin come crawling out of the woodwork to make claims on famous people’s estates which keeps the family’s loss fresh for far too long. This selfless act shows that they want Matilda Rose to have a secure life and that they want a relationship with her. Very classy. I had heard that that it had been reported earlier that the estate was estimated at a couple of hundred thousand and now they are saying that it’s more like… Read more »

The article did mention that, Jan. But, horrible as it is, I think Heath’s estate got bigger after his death.