Jaime Pressly: Dezi Loves Coffee

Jaime Pressly recently said her 16-month-old son Dezi is addicted to Cuban coffee,

“My kid is really loud. He is just like ‘MOMMY’ all the time. And I’ll be standing right next to him. He means no harm. He just wants a cup of Cuban coffee!”

Jaime said her son’s addiction is being encouraged by her Cuban-born fiance, Eric Calvo, who is better known by his professional name Eric Cubiche,

“You think when Eric and Dezi are speaking to each other in Spanish they’re mad, but they’re really just saying, ‘Hey, do you want to go get a cup of coffee?’ “

The 31-year-old actress added her surprise that Dezi didn’t inherit his father’s dark skin,

“Eric is very, very, very dark. He’s Cuban with an olive complexion. Dezi came out looking like me. It’s pretty crazy! Although he does tan really well!”

Source: Female First

Photo: Pacific Coast News, August 9

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  • I absolutely adore that name, Dezi James. He definitely doesn’t look half-Cuban!

  • RW

    Are children supposed to drink coffee at such an early age? Or even at all?

  • I’m hoping they just give him tiny sips.

  • Carolina

    My 6yo cousin loves coffee too, she’s been drinking since 2. But she drinks it in tiny spoons.

  • Katrina

    Im sure hes just tasting it. Its not like kids drink or eat ANYTHING in large quantities at that age.

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