Jenny McCarthy Talks Autism – and Evan – On GMA

Jenny McCarthy has published a second book about autism. The book is entitled Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds and chronicles the battles of other mothers trying to find a way to help their children cope and thrive after the diagnosis. She went on Good Morning America this morning to talk about it. She also shared some more personal details about her now 6-year-old son, Evan, who was diagnosed at in 2005.

On the first signs that Evan wasn’t the typical child, like playing with door hinges, lining this toys up and flapping his hands: “When he’d get excited, he’d do this [imitates flapping hands] and that’s a very noticeable thing; I see kids in the grocery store and the airport flapping their arms.

On calling him ‘Buddha’ because he would just sit and stare: “I thought my son was very spiritual because he’d look outside the window for hours and not say anything, and I thought he was Buddha. And it was autism.”

On how long he’s been on the wheat- and dairy-free diet many mothers with autistic children are saying has helped: “Evan has been on the diet since 2005, and not only that, but we’re detoxing, we’re doing supplements, vitamins. And he is completely typical.”

On wondering if Evan ever had a sense of ‘retreating inside himself’: “He said to me, ‘Mom, do you remember, I used to be like Dori?’ From the movie from Nemo, who couldn’t remember her words. And he said, ‘I’m not like Dori anymore.’ And I said, ‘Oh my gosh.’ He says he had trouble getting words out. And it’s amazing that these kids actually do [remember]. I think a lot of our children are trapped inside and they’re quite aware, and hopefully parents out there will read these stories and see ‘I’m not just the only one.’

Continue reading to hear about why she decided to write a second book, her thoughts on vaccines, and a link to an excerpt.

On the reason she wanted to write this new book: “I went on tour in the past ten months, and 60,000 moms, who I talked to face-to-face, have the same story. It’s very real – our kids can get better.”

On agreeing that kids should still get vaccinated, but things need to change a little: “We agree, but we think the schedule is way too bloated. And we know for a fact that there’s been no research into multiple shots given at once.”

On the SEED study, being conducted by the CDC: “I would love to see an independent study. Not paid for by the CDC, not paid for by the pharmaceutical companies.”

Final thoughts: “All moms out there who are listening right now, please support these moms and listen to their stories, because this truly is the generation of Lorenzo’s Oil. We are saving our babies. Their stories are just as important.”

Also in the new book, there is a chapter by boyfriend Jim Carrey, who Jenny calls ‘the autism whisperer.’

To see the full interview, head to the GMA homepage. You can also read an excerpt from the new book here.

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