Rebecca Romijn’s Co-Stars: The Twins Might Be Early

According to new reports, as of October 1st, soon-to-be mom Rebecca Romijn is going to be on partial bed rest as she’s expecting twins with her husband Jerry O’Connell this January. Rebecca’s Ugly Betty co-stars think the twin girls might come earlier than January,

“She’s due in January, but she said because they’re twins… they might be coming early, maybe December,” Judith Light recently said.

Ana Ortiz agreed that the twins might make an early appearance,

“I’m sure they’re going to come sooner. She’s been off since the end of August taking it easy. I guess we can’t say what happens to her, but we had to give her a little baby break.” When asked how Rebecca, 35, is holding up, Ortiz said, “She’s doing awesome.”

Vanessa Williams said she’s given “plenty of advice” to Romijn,

“She’s having twin girls, she’s well prepared already. She’s nesting right now. She can’t leave in the next couple months because she has to stay close to home.” Vanessa said Rebecca and Jerry “are going to be the most fun, zany parents in California. The kids are going to be gorgeous. And she’s smart, she’s talented, she’s funny, and she’s well grounded. That’s what you need to be to be a great mom and raise great kids.”

Source: Perez Hilton & Us

Photo: Flynet, September 15

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  1. Most twins come early – I hope whenever they are born they’re as healthy as possible!

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