Kate Gosselin – The Busiest Mom In America!

According to our recent daily poll, one of our favorite reality shows is TLC’s Jon & Kate Plus 8. Kate Gosselin, the 33-year-old mom to a set of 7 1/2-year-old twins and a set of 4-year-old sextuplets, recently sat down with Cookie magazine and discussed all-things Jon, Kate, Cara, Mady, Aaden, Joel, Leah, Alexis, Collin, and Hannah.

On what her children do to make her laugh: “I laugh at them all the time. They are just so cute that I can’t help it!”

On her favorite family ritual: “I feel most happy when we are getting ready for church on Sunday mornings. It is a ritual that works and goes smoothly—for the most part—and I love when our routines are down to a science.”

On her most frazzled mommy moment: “One time I got a call from the [twins’] school that Mady didn’t feel well and needed to come home. I was on a conference call at that time, and Jon was at work. Since I hadn’t had a chance to get a shower in a few days, maybe, I took a five-second shower and got dressed—while wet! I quickly called a neighbor to sit here at home while the little kids were napping, and I went to get Mady. She was okay but wanted to come home, so I brought her home and jumped right into making dinner. While I was at the kitchen sink, I looked down to see Leah vomiting all over the rug next to my feet. So while my pot was on the stove boiling away, I scooped her up and proceeded to bathe her in the kitchen sink! I couldn’t leave the room with a hot pot and six 2-year-olds! I sent two of the kids for a towel and two other kids for a new outfit. I had to laugh because I had to stir dinner and leave Leah splashing in the sink while I cooked! The other kids formed a crowd around me, thinking I had finally lost my mind—because I was cooking and their sister was splashing! In the end, I was able to clean up the vomit and finish dinner (after a good hand scrubbing, of course), and to everyone’s surprise, dinner was not burnt. It was delicious!”

On the issue she and Jon disagree most about: “How to make the punishment fit the crime.”

On her parenting role – good cop or bad cop: “Neither of us are bad cops, but if you are asking who is firmest, that would be me.”

On what she wakes up in the middle of the night thinking about: “How much I miss my kids and wish I had endless hours with each one.”

On what she wishes she had done before having children: “Slept more!”

On what a typical Saturday morning is like in the house: “We all sleep late—or at least play quietly, right, Alexis? And then we have Mommy’s homemade pancakes or waffles around 9:30. After we eat, I clean up and we play and laze around. That is, if our busy schedule allows for that luxury.”

On her guiltiest pleasure: “I treat myself to a spa treatment every month—but wish it could be weekly!”

On her ideal getaway: “Hawaii. With the kids, without the kids … I don’t care. It’s paradise!”

On her favorite clothing item: “Anything summer wardrobe and anything that makes me look thin.”

On her current reading material: “The Bible and a book on how to be the best mommy I can be—but I can’t remember the title, sorry.”

On if she prefers chocolate or cheese: “Yes, please!”

On if she cooks at home or eats takeout: “Oh, definitely at home.”

On if she coddles the tots or lets them cry it out: “Depends on who it is, what time of day, and what the cry sounds like.”

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  • Nicole

    I love Kate! I love her kids and she just seems so honest and down to earth. Love her!

  • Chris

    Wait, it’s a luxury to play and relax with your kids? Huh?

  • lionessg

    First child she will coddle is her Hannie. Leah will be next. Sorry Alexis and icky boys. No coddles for you. You can cry for hours.

  • Erica

    I love Kate she is so down to earth and I love the show and the kids are so smart. Jon & Kate reminds so much of me and my husband over how they interact with the kids and fight!!! lol…i adore them!

  • Dea

    Oh dear god, I would not know what to do if I have 8 kids (at the same age nonetheless). Hat off to her for not having nervous breakdown(s)!!!

  • Kim

    His name is spelled “Aaden”.

  • Joanne

    I cant believe this woman is still being hailed a wonderful wife and mommy. Are people that dense that they cant see this woman for the greedy selfish person she is?

  • Ash

    How is she selfish? Having children tends to make people less selfish, how does having 8 make her selfish? It’s not like she tried for 8!

    • Anni

      How is she NOT selfish? I agree with the other person. She is all for the money. Who makes out with their bodyguard on the beach, while married, and lets their kids alone in the water, and is fine with a nanny letting them eat food ON THE GROUND? Yeah, no one threatens to KILL their child if they splash them!

  • Rinoa

    I don’t think she is selfish at all. Maybe a control freak but who can blame her when she has so many kids. I personally don’t know how she does it.

  • LOL at you all that have fallen for the Kate Gosselin “line”. The woman has a personal chef, numerous nannies, all of their “outings” are paid for by Figure 8, Figure 8 is building thema a new house. Neither Kate nor Jon lift a finger to actually work and raise their children.

    Geez, people are you all that gullible?

  • I know John works and she doesn’t. A lot of their outings are paid for by the places they go to – it’s publicity for them.

    Still, I don’t know in that situation whether or not I’d do the same thing. I mean, even if Kate did work, there’s no way they’d be able to pay for 8 kids, and it’s only going to get worse once the little kids are in school.

  • quietly concerned

    FYI, Jon is now a stay-at-home-Dad, riding the coattails of the kids’ success. I sure hope they save some of that money for the kids and for a rainy day when the kids are no longer “bankably cute.” (I still say a child advocate is needed to look after the children’s interests.

  • Ana

    If I had eight kids, I would be accepting all the help I could get. That’s great that they have an income that will pay for them to do things with their kids and not have to worry about the budget. Do you know how much money it must take to care for eight kids? I think they’re great and it should be their choice one whether they take advantage of what studio 8 offers them.

  • Sanja

    I don’t know who these people are, but are the sixtuplets natural or did they do fertility drugs, etc?

  • JLauren

    I think there will always be haters and Kate should just keep being herself! And I assume you’re all perfect parents who never fight with your spouse or make a “mistake” or have a *gasp* selfish moment. Either way, I’m sure we don’t see the whole picture with Gosselins but I think overall they’re good people who are trying to be the parent’s parents they know how to be.

    They seem to be pushing their church-going agenda lately (probably because that’s where they make a lot of their money – church apperances) but hey – whatever it takes to pay for 8 college educations!

  • JLauren

    **Oops!** I meant to say, “…best parents they know how to be.”

  • Quince

    ‘They seem to be pushing their church-going agenda lately (probably because that’s where they make a lot of their money – church apperances) but hey – whatever it takes to pay for 8 college educations!’
    Statistically five of the eight will start college, and two of the eight will be graduated from college. These statistics are for ‘normal’ families, ie, children of different ages. HOMs have a much lower rate of even attending college.

    Neither of their parents attended college and neither seems to be the epitome of motivation, ambition and hard work to succeed. Moreover, from my observations of Kon, neither is intelligent enough to help with homework at the fifth-grade level.

  • Dew

    She has become just another celebrity pretender. Pretending she actually does it all while her nannies and chefs and personal assistants really run the ship. She will never name them or give them credit, she just pretends she is the glue that holds the family together. Sure eight kids can be managed if you have the kind of help and money she has. The idea that she should be a role model to anyone is ludicris. She is the figurehead do nothing of a very bustling regime. It is sad that a nanny is making more memories with these children than she is because she’s too busy on a conference call to make more money off her children.

    All of these helpers have been confirmed on the show or by the Gosselins themselves, it is not speculation.

  • Big Kate Fan

    People might not like Kate’s personalty, but she is a good strong woman who has to take alot from those jealous biter haters that troll the blogs looking for more converts to the KATEHATE army. There is nothing wrong with having people help you in life if you can afford it. I just can’t get over how people are so bent out of shape that they were once struggling and now they aren’t. Enough with the personal chef garbage, we all know it aint true. She needs more help then what she has in my opinion. She is NOT a pretender, just a great mom doing whatever it takes to secure a good future for her family. They do NOT talk about being anything but blessed. So get over it. GO KATE! The fans are here to support you. Ignore the rest.

  • Rinoa

    I don’t understand all the hate for Kate – it is nuts! I think she’s a great mother and yes, she is still a very hands-on mom. I would totally hire help if I were in their position. I don’t see why they are penalized for hiring help. Remember, they have eight kids and now the money to hire help, so why not?? I think it’s crazy for people to suggest that she’s a bad mother. I agree with “Big Kate Fan”, they need to ignore the hate and embrace all of the fans.

  • RealityBites

    A better bit of reading would be Paul Petersen’s site, A Minor Consideration. Isn’t this site to assist people to raise healthy, happy children? The aberration that is the Gosselin children’s childhood isn’t not the recipe for raising happy people. Ask the surviving Dionne Quints.

  • G

    I can’t really say anything about Kate because I know only what wikipedia tells about her. But comparing these children to Dionne Quints are too much. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dionne_quintuplets

    “Approximately 6,000 people per day visited the observation gallery to view the Dionne sisters. Close to three million people walked through the gallery between 1936 and 1943[1]. In 1934, the quintuplets brought in about $1 million, and they attracted in total about $51 million of tourist revenue to Ontario. Quintland became Ontario’s biggest tourist attraction of the era, at the time surpassing Niagara Falls.

    From infancy until the age of nine, Marie, Cecile, Yvonne, Emilie, and Annette lived in the hospital, and were not allowed out of sight, to have friends, to participate in family chores, to attend village schools, or to have contact with their parents and siblings. Cared for by nurses, whom the girls sometimes viewed as maternal figures, the five children lived essentially as one unit, with little understanding or knowledge of the world outside the nursery fence.”

  • Anonymous

    Why do people praise someone that publicly belittles her spouse, verbally abuses her children over gum, exploits her children, allows them to be filmed going to the bathroom, topless, claims it is societies responsibilty to pay for HER children then they created fertility treatments? Why? I suggest people do a little research on Kate and why Aunt Jodi is no longer on the show. See if you think she is still so wonderful then.

  • linda

    I believe I am going to yak! I’m embarrassed for Kate, she is too ignorant to realize that those who know her are not buying, even for a minute, that her favorite moment is “getting ready for church on Sunday morning” (I know that was MY favorite time of the week when mine were little…NOT) ….talk about trying to head off all the negative publicity, OMG, no wonder Jon is not very ba_ _sy; SHE has enough for both of them!

  • Gosselin10fan

    First of all, I don’t understand why people find it absolutely nexessary to belittle Kate Gosselin for simply being human. I have been reading the posts and the conclusion that I have come to is that hardly any of you have actually watched the show, read their book, or paid attention to any of it. John and Kate have attended some sort of college. She is a nurse (she worked part-time while the little kids were little before staying home full-time) and he is an IT analyst. He was working for a Senator at one point before working on his own. Jon and Kate were approached by TLC to do a special, which led to a second special, which led to the show. For a family who has eight kids and a tight income, I am sure that they thought long and hard before agreeing to do the show, but it would benefit their children (paying for college, providing money for their household, and giving them the opportunity to experience this Country as a family). I am so glad that each and every one of you is the perfect mother/father with the perfect relationship/marriage. I know that not of you has ever gone a day, especially with the demand of children, without snapping at your spouse, getting frustrated, or saying something without thinking about it first. Jon and Kate Gosselin are humans and whether or you like Kate or not, she loves her children, her husband, and her family. I believe that they have their best interests at heart at all times. And by the way, the nannies (nope, people have always offered to help), the personal chef (only on taping days). Get over yourselves and stop berating a family that is trying to survive with 8 kids….at least they knew when to stop, unlike the Duggars who have their older children raise their youngest ones.

    • O.R.@WI.VA

      With all due respect, I don’t think someone who threatens to kill her children deserves all the perks you are awarding her.

      -Opiniated Responses-


  • Candace

    I don’t understand why some of you are critical. My hat is off to Jon and Kate raising eight children, six of whom were born at the same time. Let’s see any of you do that with the grace and ease of Jon and Kate. So what if they have help in the kitchen and in rearing, my parents would have given their eye teeth for help. I have four brothers and two sisters, all separate births, however, still difficulty with seven children.

    As far as their trips being paid for by someone else, so what! To be able to take a trip these days is difficult enough. If this is something they do for promotion, they are still together as a family and spending quality time together.

    The Gosselins and the Duggars are fabulous and what a testimony to the Lord. Both families give the Lord all of the credit everyday for what they have.

    Some of you need to watch out for the “Green-eyed monster.” Obviously you are fascinated enough to watch the program and comment on this page.

    Jon and Kate, my hat is off to you. Keep up the good work!


    • O.R.@WI.VA.VA

      She threatened to kill her daughter! I can’t believe that. Don’t YOU think that’s mean?

      With all due respect,

      -Opiniated Responses-


  • i have just watched our latest installment of jon and kate plus 8 here on the east-coast of australia….its early hours of the morning here right now, and i decided to look the gosselin family up on the net, just to see what might find…..well…..what i found was a bunch of people on here who are soooooo judgemental about jon, kate, and the way they are raising their children…it is sooo very unbelievable!!!!
    i know kate can be a bit of a control-freak, but hey….so would you be if you had 8 kids….take it from me…i know how she feels!!! i have 6 kids….and use to have 2 step-sons when my ex and i were together…..and then there would be friends of the kids, and nieces and nephews staying constantly…..quite often i would be doing dinner and washing for upto 20 people at a time….and im not joking neither!!!!
    iknow it can be stressful to have so many people in your home….and it does make u snappy at everyone at times….as many of you have commented about to do with kate…..but you work through it…as i see jon and kate do so very much..
    i think alot of you out there who make these comments bout this very busy family obviously musnt have a big family like theirs or mine….or are just too hypocritical to see past the ends of your noses at what a great job they are doing with how their lives have turned out!!!!
    i applaud them that they have managed to stick together the way they have….and for that…i am very envious!!…sadly, i havent been so lucky…i think its great when a couple can do what they have, be there for eachother, as a family, through thick and thin, good and bad, fighting or enjoying eachother’s company and spending time enjoying themselves and their kids time and company…taking time to share love with their family, even if it is on camera most of the time….who cares!!!…it doesnt stop when the film stops rolling….its part of their lives everyday…cause you cant turn off the love they have for their kids or eachother…even through the scrappy moments, just cause a camera and the lights get turned off for the night!….i know, my kids know….cause i love them no matter how they are acting, how they are feeling, how they treat me or eachother, how im feeling, and whatever i may say to them that comes out before ive had time or they have had time to stop and think what we are bout to say……ultimately, they know i loved them wholey, and i know they love me….the little pictures they give me, the smiles, or the hugs and kisses i get…even from my 12yr old…all say that to me!!!…..i dont always have time for it….so, i know kate wouldnt either…nor would jon…but you can see the love and the care and concern they have for their children…and also for eachother…i think they are doing a great job with the kids…especially how young they all are, and it shouldnt matter how they choose to support their kids financially neither….least their kids have a roof over their heads, clothes on their backs, and food on the table daily….they have medical care, and parents who love them……at the end of the day….isnt that all that really counts????!!!!!
    keep supporting your kids jon and kate…..i think you’re doing a great job of it…..who cares if you get help from whoever….i appreciate all the help i gat and have recieved over the years….so should you have the right to too, without feeling guilty for it, you have nothing to feel guilty about!

    hope you have a great 2009 Gosselin family!!!!

    and to all you contributors to this comments forum out there….ihope you have a great one too!
    (even if we may disagreeor not)

  • maria hughes

    I love the show and byt he way i support kate she just look like me..handling the kids…go girllllllllllll

  • chris


  • chris

    this is chris i did not mean to write in all caps

  • Chris, I agree with you, altho at this point I am very did=appointed with the Gosselins, they need to grow up and fast or their kids are going to pass them up, but as far as Kate being another Casey that is just stupid and absurd. I read on another blog a woman said Kate was a nother Susan Smith and Andrea Yates, that is just sick,
    I really feel sorry for Andrea Yates, that woman was a sick w3oman and every one around her knew it, I blame her childrens death on the system, they did not only let Andrea down, but they are to blame for her children dying, the Dr. who released her is the one who should have went on trial,
    Hopefully Andrea is getting the help she desparately needed back when.
    As far as Casey Anthony, well it’s not proven in a court of law yet but I know how I feel and I know we are not suppose to judge, I just know that if that was my grand daughter and my daughter I would probably do what George did, and I think George is carrying a heavy burden and Cindy just makes him keep quiet.
    Any way sorry about the rant, but Kate Gosselin loves her kids, and she is not gonna harm them, I have learned on these blogs most of what you read is speculation and 1/2 truths, stories ppl will get from other blogs and spread it around like it’s the truth,

    As far as Jodi goes, I think she is a big cry baby and she was jealous of Kate, and I think Kevin is a wuss, he let his wifes sister open acan of worms and tell a lot of things that were or were not true, but clearly was none of our business, Jodis sister Julie, oh how I’d love to meet het face to face, mmmmmm she and Jodi biggest cry baby whiners ever..

  • Pencils

    I’ve only watched this show a few times, but I can’t imagine how Jon and Kate do it. If she’s bossy, she has to be–I have one baby, and I have to be bossy at times to get anything done! I also need my mom to watch my baby while I work. Can any of you complainers really imagine what it’s like trying to get six kids of the same age to take a nap at the same time? To eat a healthful meal? And then there’s the two older girls, who are still really young themselves. I think they’re amazing, nannies, chefs or whatever. And if they’re making money with the show, good for them! Gotta pay for college and all those little shoes and socks…

  • kvn366

    This will sum it up for most people, it is a free world and this is a TV show, if you don`t like it don`t watch it! Get a life, if all you can do is cry and fuss over a TV show, it`s still just a TV show. I watch and enjoy it personally, I still keep in mind that it`s for entertainment purposes only( hint reality TV). It`s sad that some people don`t have nothing more to do than scan the internet looking for bad news about someone they don`t even know. All I have to say about the show is, 80% of Americans would not think twice if a TV show offered them this help, money, free trips, nannies, chefs,etc, etc to portray your every day life on TV, yes you would! So watch TV and enjoy!

  • Reality?

    In the comparision of the J and K’s children to the Dionne quintuplets…
    Sadly the rating of the show are far more than the numbers of people who travelled to see the quints…
    A quick search of any of the children on search sites, or Youtube turns up many many hits including ‘fan’ bideo complilations of pictures of the kids.
    I find the notarity these children have to be very disturbing and think that when the children are grown they will have a very skewed sense of reality after gowing up in front of the cameras and the entire world.

  • Armani Q.

    Kate Gosselin a mother of eight children, one twin and sextuplets. She and her husband Jon documented their struggle with their 8 children, since then, they have been getting a lot of press. The Eight Little Faces, was the new book released, detailing her experiences to her eight children. Kate has been making appearances plugging it, such as a recent appearance on the Today Show. Because of the TV show, they may not hurt for a no fax payday loan, but the family struggled prior to the TV show. Let us hope that they never need debt relief, and that Kate Gosselin can get a break.

    • Anni

      Debt relief? A break? First off, Kate doesn’t need or DESERVE- for that matter- a break, she’s the one threatening to kill her children, and making out with her bodyguard; when she’s married! Kate Gosselin is rich, rich, RICH, because of broadcasting her kids’ life. She’s pleading a bull crap sob story, and can afford anything. Plus, if you ask me, what bodyguard wears casual clothes, and who pulls their kids from school in the middle of the year, takes them on a vacation, and excludes the husband? If you want to know the truth, it’s looking like Mr. Hubbie Jon is fading out of the picture, and New Mr. “Bodyguard” and crossing in.
      With all due respect.

      Opiniated Responses

  • Anni

    On her favorite clothing item: “Anything summer wardrobe and anything that makes me look thin.” WHO IS CRAZY ENOUGH TO THINK THAT SOMEONE LIKE THIS IS DOWN 2 EARTH? YOU’RE SO D2M, KATE GOSSELIN! SHE IS so MATERIALISTIC. SHE CAN’T EVEN RAISE HER KIDS, THAT’S WHY SHE HAS THE HELP. GET A LIFE, KATE.

  • She who is to be obeyed.

    Really Annie Do you want clothes that make you look fat? Walk a mile in their shoes; Get up at 6am, wash, dress, feed, get ready for school, keep the house neat, breakup fights, cuddle unhappys, engage minds, teach manners, and all the other things that parents have to do to raise future citizens when there are eight of them and only two of you. Having a reality show shows us some of the craziness that goes on in their life but I think they agreed to it cz with eight children they wouldn’t be able to capture all the sweet moments and the tough moments. And share them with us.
    I hope Jon and Kate get some marriage consouling while the show is on hiatus and I hope the production crew lets the kids know that they are still their buddies even if they might not see them for a while.

  • She who is to be obeyed.

    And I take umbrage at the person who said that Kate doesn’t work. Every mother is a working mother.

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