Zoe Lucker Introduces Lilly Alabama

Zoe Lucker introduces her new daughter, Lilly Alabama, in this week’s issue of the British magazine Hello! The baby was two weeks old when the photos were taken, and is a month old now. Zoe is engaged to Lilly’s father, film editor Jim Herbert, and they plan to marry next year.

Lilly was born September 2 by Caesarian because the baby was growing at such a rate that a natural birth would have been too risky.

‘The second she was born it was the most natural feeling in the world to want to love and protect her. It’s difficult to speak about these things without sounding like you are a gushing new mum, but it’s overwhelming. You know what it feels like to love your family or friends or a man, but I am amazed by my capacity to love this child. Jim spent the first night in hospital with me and we stayed awake the whole time just staring at her.’

Zoe also says she is amazed by how quickly her body adapted to being a parent,

‘Until the end of my pregnancy I couldn’t get my head around the whole breastfeeding thing, but that was completely instinctive – its amazing how brilliantly your body responds.’

Head to DailyMail to see another pic and read the full interview.

Source: DailyMail UK

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  • Bless her, baby is a cutie!

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