Mary-Louise Parker Wants Son To Be Like Co-Star

Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker hopes that her 4-year-old son William, whose dad is Billy Crudop, will be like her on-screen son, 21-year-old Hunter Parrish.

“Hunter is friendly and positive, Hunter wants harmony. I want my son to be like Hunter. He’s just good, and it’s not fake or artificial.”

Parker, who also has a daughter, Ash, has welcomed Hunter into her off-screen family, even inviting him to spend annual holidays at her home,

“He’s a part of my life. We text each other. He spent Thanksgiving at my house, he comes every year. My daughter goes to the set, and the first thing she says on set is ‘Hunter’. She’s looking for Hunter.”

Source: Contactmusic

Photo: Pacific Coast News

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  • Beth

    I dont know how to say this with out sounding weird or dumb but theres no way that Billy Crudops son in the picture because that child is clearly black and Billy Crudop is white and so is Mary Louise……

  • Beth, that’s Ash, not Billy, that’s why. Ash was adopted from Africa.

  • There we go – I hope that’s better?

  • Beth

    I get it now…..Sorry.

  • It’s no problem, honestly. I had just used a picture with one of the kids in it b/c she was talking about her kids, but I should have just used one of her. 😉

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