Ali Landry On Motherhood, Marriage & Healthy Living

Ali Landry, the 35-year-old former Miss USA (1996), model and actress and her film director hubby, Alejandro Gomez Monteverde, have a 1-year-old daughter Estela Ines Monteverde. Ali recently sat down with Tasty Baby and opened up about motherhood, marriage, and healthy living.

On her advice to other mothers looking to get back in shape after giving birth: “Give yourself a break, you have just gone through the most miraculous experience and you really need to honor your body. I do recommend eating a well balanced diet and drinking lots of water because it gives you the energy you need to care for and nurse your little one. I had meals delivered by a company called Chefs Diet so I could make sure that I was getting balanced meals with enough calories to sustain my milk production. Also, it was awhile before I started working out again, so I was really depending on my diet solely to gradually bring my weight down.”

On how she keeps a ‘green’ lifestyle for her family: “I buy as many organic products as I can. I am becoming more conscience on the decisions our family makes every day and how it can affect our environment. I am trying to educate myself on keeping it “green”, but mostly we are really trying to be aware of our lifestyle choices.”

On if she prefers to cook at home or eat out: “We do a little but of everything. I still get my meals delivered from Chefs Diet which i so enjoy, but with our busy lifestyles and travel schedules we do eat out. Lately I have been cooking a lot more and I swear I feel more love and appreciation from my husband because of it.”

On if her taste buds are influenced by her Louisiana upbringing: “Most definitely! I usually travel with packets of cajun spices in my purse at all times. When I am visiting home, all of my discipline goes right out the window. I refuse to say no to rice and gravy, shrimp stew, gumbo, snowballs, homemade cakes and bread pudding. I always know that I will probably gain 5 pounds each trip so I just work extra hard when I return to get it off. It is so worth it!”

On if her experience as Miss USA has affected who she is today: “It was an amazing experience but what I remember most fondly about it was the pride and joy that it brought to the people of my small town and surrounding area.”

On if being named one of People Magazine’s 50 most beautiful people and topped the Sexiest 100 lists at FHM and Stuff Magazine keeps her inspired to stay healthy and in shape: “I really do not consider myself any one of those things but I am definitely flattered. I keep healthy for me. I love the way it makes me feel after a good workout or a healthy meal. I am a happier person when I take care of myself.”

On if she wants more children: “We would love more children. I am thinking that we go one at a time, and of course he wants a soccer team, but absolutely, more children would definitely be a blessing.”

On if she still gets cravings for Doritos (given her infamous commercials): “Always, and if I am craving something I usually eat it. Life is too short not to eat chocolate cake!”

On keeping her marriage out of the Hollywood madness and keeping it alive: “We are very aware of the realistic temptations and we have boundaries that we never cross in order to protect our marriage. Our relationship and our family come first…no compromise. We also pray together and go to church together as a family every Sunday.”

Source: Tasty Baby

Photo: Flynet, April 11

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  • Katrina

    Great advice…for other celebrities and the wealthy. None of the these “advice intereviews” are remotely possible for the average joe.

  • poppy

    Wow, that less than 1 year old baby looks exactly like her.

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