Sharon Stone Denies Recommending Botox Treatments

The bitter court battle between Sharon Stone and her ex-husband, Phil Bronstein, continues. We’ve been keeping you updated on the latest information regarding the custody battle over their 8-year-old son, Roan. The latest statement comes from Sharon’s camp. Her attorney, Martin Singer, denies that Sharon ever recommended Botox treatments to remedy a foot odor problem for their son,

“Sharon Stone never made this statement. It is a complete fabrication.”

The widely reported comment was contained in court papers and the judge cited the alleged remark as an example of Stone’s overreaction to son Roan’s medical issues. Sharon, 50, lost a bid to move Roan from Phil’s home in San Francisco to her house in Los Angeles,

“Sharon Stone sought to modify her custody arrangement with her ex-husband by having her son spend most of the school year with her.” Singer said. “Although the court denied Sharon’s request to modify the custody arrangement already in place, Sharon will maintain the same custody arrangement and visitation that she’s had with her child for the past several years and still has joint legal and physical custody of her son,” the attorney added. “Sharon loves her son Roan and only wants the best for him.”

The judge said that one of Bronstein’s previous legal filings is the source of the Botox remark. Since that filing was sealed, it was not clear when, or to whom, Stone allegedly made the remark. Bronstein’s attorneys have declined to comment on the above statements.

Source: People

Photo: Flynet, September, 28

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  • The allegations may have been made by her ex, but the judge apparently found them credible enough.

  • gia

    he is even wearing sneakers without socks in the pic, no wonder he has foot odor!

  • SC

    Yea, he is wear wearing a pair of Vans without socks. That will increase foot odor. I traveled on an airplane many years back that happen to have Britney Spears onboard. She was wearing a pair of Sketchers without socks. Some people complained when she took them off do too foot odor. She also advertised for Sketchers then, and I also remember looking at different advertising posters with people not wearing socks. This was before the so called “no-show” socks came on the market.

    I too have worn a pair of Nike’s without socks while traveling overseas for two months. I ended up finding that my feet sweat more, and also in about a week, the insides were ruined and smelled badly.

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