Happy 5th Birthday Billy Ray!

Name: Billy Ray Burton

Birthday: 04 October 2003

Parents: Helena Bonham Carter & Tim Burton

Siblings: Sister Nell, 10 months

Fun facts:

• When Billy Ray was 3½, he was traumatised after the first few minutes of a preview of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban when Harry’s Aunt blew up

• Billy Ray was born in LA but lives in London with his parents

Helena on Billy Ray,

“Billy and Tim are completely on par with their sense of humor because it’s all poo-poo jokes. Billy is four, so it’s perfect. Tim is 49, Johnny Depp is 44, and all three share the same sense of humor. Billy may soon mature past them. Not may, will ”

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  • hannahmommy

    thought that tim burton is american??? only his mommy is english

  • Sophie

    You’re right! Thanks hannahmommy

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