Peter Andre Talks About Princess Tiaamii

“Princess is absolutely hilarious at the moment and she’s really got into walking. Her personality has also started to develop now. It’s odd because although they don’t look remotely alike, her nature is very similar to her brother Junior’s. She’s like a carbon copy of him. Unfortunately, she has also learned how to have a tantrum like Harvey when she doesn’t get what she wants, so that’s a bit of a nightmare. She throws her head back like he does, but in a much more ladylike fashion. It’s actually really funny, but we can’t let her know that.”

Photo: Splash, April 2008

Source: New! Magazine, October 6 2008, Issue 284, Pg 47

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  1. Cari

    Meant in the nicest way possible, what is wrong with that little girl?? She just doesn’t look like a normal baby. I am not being mean when I ask this.

  2. Rinoa

    I know what you mean Cari, I’ve always thought she looked a little off too but I’ve never known why.

  3. G

    I know what you mean – and I don’t mean to sound judgemental. She is still cute. I think it is combination of three things, her eyes are skewed but not in the normal way, they point downwards, her forehead is quite wide and I think that her eyes squint a little.

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