Sian Williams Expecting Baby #4

“She has always wanted another baby with Paul,” said one. “While she loves her job at the Beeb, having children is equally important. But she will be back.”

Source: Mirror

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  1. kelly

    i think it is so unfair when someone been trying to get pregnant
    for 5yrs ,with 2 misscarriage and who is a year younger than sian

    and there you go she is pregnant again at 44 it makes me so bitter and she left her husband took up with her fancy man and got preganant not once but twice just find it very hard .

  2. Its hardly fair to blame someone for getting pregnant just because you cant. Yes she left her husband for another man but that doesnt make her wrong or bad. It is very sad that some people can and some people cant get pregnant but don t waste your time feeling bitter towards other people.

  3. Johannah

    I think Sian is a lovely lady and i can imagine her to be a fantastic mummy. I expected my first child at the same time as her 4th and i thought she did really well to look great every morning although she probably had morning sickness!
    Sian is a role model for me.


  4. margaret lary

    has sian had baby yet?

  5. margaret lary

    has Sian Williams had her baby yet?

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