Angelina & The Kids Out In NOLA

The Jolie-Pitt family is back in New Orleans! Angelina Jolie took kids Pax, who turns 5 next month, Zahara, 3 1/2, and Shiloh, 2, out for a snack run in the neighborhood where they have owned a house since early 2007. How cute are Pax and Zahara holding hands?

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Photos: Bauer/Flynet

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  • Rosy J

    This is the side of Angie I love. This is her greatest role in life, that of mom.

  • Isbell

    whoa, is it Brad Im seeing?

  • Shiloh is utterly gorgeous! I’m always shocked how cute she is. And she has gotten big, look how long her legs are!

  • Charlene

    I would like the ability to enlarge your pics. Can I double-click and do that, or is there some other way???

  • Charlene – it’s working now. Just click on the thumb it brings you to another page then you have the ability to make the photo even larger

  • Elly

    Oh my God! Shiloh is gorgeous…..she’s a mini version of Angie!!
    Zahara is sooooo cute with these outfits!!
    Pax is absolutely handsome….

    I love this family!!
    I’m just missing Maddox and Brad…

  • liz

    i cant believe she feeds her kids cheetos! with all that money you’d think she could afford healthy junk food for her kids

  • nikki

    zahara is avery beautiful girl.Pax is handsome, and shiloh is cute with her chubby cheeks

  • Audrey

    When you a little kid you don’t care what your parents can afford. You want junk. And sometimes if you are lucky, you get it. I doubt Cheetos is a regular part of the diet.

    I think the phrase healthy junk food is an oxymoron.

  • KDd

    i love this family soo much…. definatly my favorites

  • Cari

    I *knew* someone was going to comment on the Cheetos!!

    Who cares if they have a bag of Cheetos?? I’m fairly certain her children are healthy and let’s not forget…they ARE her kids. Agree with Audrey – they probably are not a daily food item.

    And please define what “healthy junk food” is.

  • my favorite shiloh – she is so angelic. looks like a very secure child. love the cheetos!

  • Lala

    Utterly adorable….But what in the world is Pax wearing?

  • Antineah

    Really beautiful pics, the girls are super duper gorgeous and tall, and Pax is sooooo cute. I love they casual look, but i would like to see Shiloh in some colored clothes, she is so beautiful.

  • G

    I love the fact that they almost look like normal family. Children are in clothes that are weather, age and play appropriate. And Angie seems like any other mom.

  • Ana

    Up until now, I have always thought Shiloh to be the spitting image of Brad, but looking at the main picture, her facial expression looks exactly like one Angelina dons so many times.

  • Jenna

    They are all soooooooo cute but what is Pax wearing????

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