Tom & Suri In SoHo

Tom Cruise and his 2-year-old daughter Suri are greeted by fans and paparazzi as they come out of their downtown NYC apartment. Tom waived to fans and photographers and proceeded to go to an office building in SoHo. Little Suri always looks so scared of the paps and snuggles right into mom or dad whenever they’re spotted anywhere.

Photos: Pacific Coast News

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  1. ivy

    how does everyone know that he’s about to come out of his apartment?

  2. Sherry

    Gee…No wonder why that poor little girl is so scared!

  3. I want to know why, when Suri is always huddled against him obviously miserable, Tom is always smiling away.

  4. Rosy J

    I have always hated that the phrase “pimping a child out” was ever coined and resented it’s use but in the case of Tom Cruise, his actions and his total disregard for Suri’s discomfort in the limelight just gives credence to it. I agree Nicole, this is so not right.

    I saw a video tonight wherein, you could actually hear her screaming.

  5. Dea

    I will say it again and again, the parents dont seem to have a grasp of reality that their daughter is literally scared out-of-her-skin every time they are in public. Saw the youtube clip and it really bothered me (and I am a complete stranger).

  6. cyberkitten38

    Jeez ppl..what r they supposed to do? Keep her confined in the house? Then u’d all be complainin that they NEVER take her out…they can’t win no matter what they do! Unfortunately, the little one will have to adjust to’s going to be a big part of her life for EVER. Sad yea..and i’m sure she’ll need therapy..but they need to find a way to help her get used to this.

  7. G

    cyberkitten38, you are correct that yous can’t confine her in but the amout of exposure they can control. SHe’s always with them no matter what time it is. They could limit her public appearances at least to one a day and even then thy could do with her things that are age appropriate.
    Jolie-Pitt kids are as followed as Suri but thye don’t appear to follow their parnts everywhere. Outings are mostly at daytime and in parks, toystores etc.

  8. G

    Argh, my spelling was once again bad. I ment that they can’t confine her in. Rest should be readable.
    I just should learn to check the spelling before I post.

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