Jade Goody With Sons On Cover Of OK!

Source: OK!

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  • That is sickening. How dare they put such a negative spin on things? Those little ‘headlines’ have no place on a cover with two adorable, smiling children on it. Sickening.

  • gia

    that is the worst, most depressing & exploitive magazine cover i have seen in a long time. so sad.

  • I felt sorry for her but now she is turning her cancer into a publicity stunt not so much. She said her children don’t know about her illness, wel they will know soon enough if she keeps screaming it from the rooftops on the cover of tabloids.

    I really dislike her.

  • Kate

    She’s an idiot. My mother kept her cancer from us and it was just more of a shock when she died. It’s a really, seriously bad idea. Kids need to be prepared for stuff like this. And, to pile on the resentment, in about 5 years those kids are just going to being asking “she didn’t fill me in, but she told the rest of the WORLD?” I’m all for protecting our children and preserving their innocence, but hiding from reality is the worst way to handle this. It makes life easier for the parents, but ultimately leaves kids much worse off.

  • dea

    I agree with the other poster, she sounds like a complete hypocrite. Why would she not tell the kids about her cancer but still airing it out to the public? a 5 year old can possibly read and he may find out from his school friends. I dont know who she is but heard she got in trouble for saying some deregatory (sp?) remarks about someone in a show?

  • Anonymous

    Why do you all believe what you read in trashy magazines? How do you know for definate that she hasn’t told her kids? Do you all know her personally?

    You are all pathetic for believing everything you read…

  • Hayley

    For crying out loud people what’s up with you all the women is dying of cancer and wants the best for her boys just like any other mother. It’s not harming any of us in what she is doing!!

  • Sarah.

    Admire jade’s strength and by god i would protect my kids to the end.
    weather permitted or not the media would publicise all jade’s buisness so why not get what you can out of it cos in her standing and leaving behind 2 lil men i would reep every penny.After all it’s all gonna go to them.
    Go jade!

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