Jean-Christophe Novelli Introduces Son Jean

The excitement of the new baby:

Jean-Christophe: “It’s definitely the best time of my life. It’s not because he’s a boy, it’s because it’s with Michelle, and it’s the three of us together.”

Michelle: “We can’t wait to see how he’s going to turn out when he’s older. We get so excited when he’s doing something new that we haven’t seen before. We gush and coo about it all day.”

J-C: “He was 48cm long when he was born, and he’s already 65cm.”

M: “Jean is just so easy, and such a good-natured little boy. He makes us laugh and he makes us cry with joy. He’s just beautiful. We’re both equally obsessed with him. We’re with him all day long. We’re probably spoiling him, but we can’t help it.”

Finding out the sex:

J-C: “I found out. But Michelle wanted it to be a surprise so I kept it a secret. But when she came home with pink baby things I was laughing!”

Choice of name:

J-C: “Jean is to honour my dad. Patrick is to honour Michelle’s father. And her grandfather’s name is Frankie.”

Photo: Hello! Magazine scanned by CelebrityBabyScoop

Source: Hello! Magazine, Issue 1042, 14 October 2008, Pg 48-52

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