Jennifer Garner’s Bump Is Big!

When Jennifer Garner picked up her car from the valet at her doctor’s office in Beverly Hills, photogs took the chance to snap her belly from the side – look how big her bump is!

Photos: Bauer

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  • Jane

    I’m starting to think she’s further along than all of us think, including the media. As soon as we start Ben accompany her to her Dr.’s appointment then we’ll know she’ll be popping soon. That’s what he did when she was pregnant with Violet.

  • Sara

    I don’t know why everyone thinks she looks big, she looks exactly like a woman whose seven months pregnant should look. I think she’s cute and this time she’s having a boy.

  • Allison

    I still stand by my prediction that she is between 30 and 32 weeks pregnant!

  • Regardless of how far along, it’s a cute little bump!

  • Rosy J

    Sara, are you sure that is a seven month bump? I don’t know how she could possible go two more months. Isn’t that about the size she was when Violet was born?

    Like Nicole said, it’s a cute one just the same.

  • gia

    well, wasnt she about 5 months along when it was “announced” & not the typical 3 months?

  • Kris

    I’m guessing shes Due early December. Good luck to her! I’m 4 months and feel huge already. I wish I looked like that! I’m hoping for that girl!!

  • Lana

    I’m guessing sometime in december as well. People almost always get bigger with the second than they did the first. also we can’t see how far her back is arched.

  • Jen

    I hate that freaking word “bump.”

  • Amanda

    I agree with Jen bump sounds so just dumb to me,I saw a post on a blog one time that said something like so and so and her bump go shopping. Seriously?what is a “bump” an actual walking person that it can go shopping?I hate when people say so and so and their bump why dont they just say that person and leave the bump part out?its obvious she’s pregnant so why keep saying it?

  • Rea

    Wait…you mean a seven month pregnant woman looks HUGE from the side?!?! Wow I’m glad I don’t have photographers following me around all day! I’m 33 weeks and trust me she is smaller than I am…then again she’s also about 7 inches taller than I am. At least we all know she’s eating and gaining weight…who cares how big she gets or if she “lied” about when she’s due. Maybe she and Ben just wanted some privacy during this time in thier lives.

  • Cathy

    I thought Jennifer Garner’s daughter is about 2 years old, in which case why on earth would she still be using a baby’s feeding bottle? I know in America often children are kept in diapers and toilet trained much later than kids in Europe, but is that the same with baby feeding bottles? I think her daughter looks WAY too old to be using one of those and should have outgrown them by now. That’s as weird as Katie Holmes daughter Suri being so cossetted and everywhere they go Katie being photographs holding bundle of baby blankets, toys, etc. Suri’s also WAY too old to be treated like that now and, again, should be more advanced than that.

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