Tom, Katie and Suri Out And About

2 1/2-year-old Suri Cruise enjoyed a day out in New York City today. She and parents Tom and Katie left their apartment building, and then Katie and Suri were spotted elsewhere with Suri carrying an art project.

Photos: Flynet/Pacific Coast News

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  1. Lala

    Has anyone heard any reviews of Katie’s stint on Broadway? just curious if she is any good…Nice pants katie.

  2. Anonymous

    and once again this child is in a sleeveless dress with no stockings on…put some warmer clothes (and pants!!) on this child!

  3. Leandra

    It would be nice if the paps could leave this family alone as Suri is traumatized by them…..fat chance of that.

  4. Anonymous

    I dont understand why kate has her a blanket and not a coat! It was very cold in nyc today, I went out with a warm coat and scarf.

  5. Lana

    She seems fairly covered to me, especially if it was just a run to the car. what’s the difference between a blanket or a jacket? she very well may have been asleep when they picked her up, and a jacket would disturb her. I know i’d much rather my child be a little cold for one minute than have her wake up and not be able to go back to sleep, which is hard on everyone.

  6. Peta

    I know every child is different, but I’ve never seen Shiloh or Violet have such a reaction to the paparazzi plague. Unless the ones that follow TomKat are particularly loud, large and demanding.

    Either way, the poor kid must be annoyed by now.

  7. Amanda

    Lana,okay pretty much every picture we see of this family out Suri is in the same position cowering and hiding her face,I highly doubt that she is sleeping every single time she’s photographed.Especially with all the stalker fans and paparazzi there shouting and carrying on.

    These two need to pay attention to the photo’s of themselves and take a clue and stop tormenting this kid by dragging her out every single time they go somewhere and I find it unusual that Suri has such a bad reaction to the paps when Shiloh gets just as much attention or Violet but neither of them act like they are afraid of a camera everytime they see it.Personally I think that its Tom and Katie’s fault Suri is so outrageoulsy scared of the paps because they drag her all over creation anytime they have to go out knowing full well the paps and these stalker fans are going to be outside their apartment or whatever resturant they happen to be at.

  8. G

    Amanda, I agree. Responsibility of child’s wellbeing is parents. Although I’m not liberating paparrazzis for their responsibility I think parents should stop putting Suri in situations where she seems to be scared and even sad. I hate to say this but I fear that Tom and Katie keep dragging her to places just to get more media attention. I’m not saying that they should shelter her inside but to predispose her less to the media.

  9. Queen of the LaLa Land

    I must agree with #2… No shoes, stockings, pants or a jacket? Just that bloody blanket once again.
    I would’ve assumed that these two would have a bit more sense than to expose Suri to the cold air when they ae dressed up warmly themselves.

  10. Rachel

    I just wonder if Suri is a little drama queen? I only ask because Tom & Katie always seem so composed and relaxed when they are all in front of the paps, and Suri is always just going berserk.

    I don’t know about you, but if my child were visibly upset for reasons that I could control, you wouldn’t see me so nonchalant and laidback.

    P.S. Only Katie can go from wearing man jeans and white oxford shirts to leather pants and 4 inch stilettos!

  11. gia

    those pants look horrific on katie…i am not sure she has the right shape legs for them.

  12. Lana

    I completely agree with the you guys about the paparazzi, i’m just saying is it the worst thing in the world if they are going immediately into a car then immediately into another building if she is just covered by a blanket???? Like i said, there are many reasons that may be.

  13. Katrina

    Her only choice to keep suri away from the paps is to keep her in the house 24 7. what part of the pap situation do you not understand..? Its upsetting taht she is so scared, but kate is at no means at fault for not locking the kid away in the house all the time. the people at fault here are the paps, period

  14. Jen

    I’m beginning to suspect that Suri just *won’t* wear warmer clothing. And it looks like Tom and Kate kowtow to Suri’s every desire…except keep the paps away.

    yeah…nice pants Katie.

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