Charlotte Church ‘Fed Up’ With Media Attacks Over Her Weight

‘Charl says she is much happier with her second pregnancy because she has put on half the weight she did with Ruby. She looks good and she loves the way she looks. And so does Gav. I am sick to death of reading about her weight. It’s something that’s never bothered her. She’s not obsessed with her size. The most important thing to her is to stay fit and healthy for the baby – not getting in to a size 8.’

She dismisses rumours that Charlotte is depressed,

‘She is probably the least depressed person I know,’ said Maria. ‘Charlotte told me, ‘I love my life. My family is all that matters’. She goes out for walks with Ruby, does a bit of shopping, cooks and cleans and spends all her free time with her family. I get fed up with the nonsense and lies, and do does she. Charl and Gav have got everything they want, and those who know them know that.’

Source: Reveal mag via UKFamily

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  1. cyberkitten38

    jeez..would it have killed them to smile? Obviously they’re they were willing to have the photo taken…they could have at least faked it. Miserable looking couple..that’s sad

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