Angelina Jolie On What She Tells Her Kids About Paparazzi

When Angelina Jolie did the press conference for Changeling awhile back, media outlets all over the world picked up snippets, but only one website, Showbiz, has been releasing her comments in their entirety. (Which is why there have been so many small “interviews” lately – they’re actually her statements from the press conference.) So, here are a few of those press conference comments.

What do you tell your children about the photographers hounding them all the time?

We usually say that mommy and daddy make movies-that there’s nothing special or different about us. It’s just the fact that we happen to make movies, so people take pictures. It’s one of those things that you can’t really explain. Zahara hates photography. It makes her very nervous when she’s in the car. A lot of people say to us that she looks very serious. It’s because she’s actually upset when there’s a camera near her. She doesn’t like it. Shiloh tends to wave (laughter).

But, it scares them sometimes. We don’t want them in situations where they’re in a park and they’re going to get too many people around them. I wish there was a law that restricts the proximity that a photographer can have to the children. You have a long enough lens. I don’t understand why they can get this close to a kid’s face in a stroller. It doesn’t make sense to me, because I think it’s psychologically damaging for the children! But, that’s another fight.

Click below to read about how they establish a sense of home when they travel so much and more about the twins.

How do you establish a sense of home for the children when you go to a new place?

They have special things they take with them. The trick with us is, we do have places that we consider home. We have most of our stuff, our books there. We tell them that this is home. We always come back to this. But, they’re really great travelers. We travel so much, and we’re such a big family that they immediately take over an empty room and it’s their home. They fill it up with certain things that we know they love. We try to have those there, but we also don’t want to buy a bunch of new things every time we go to a place. They bring a bag which they’ve packed with whatever they choose to bring to the next place. We have a lot of the same storybooks and things like that.

Mad has a lot of little army men and military planes. Pax has rope and little stuffed monkeys. Zee Zee has a blanket that was once pink, but is now the dirtiest shade of brown you can imagine. Shiloh has little silkies. They’re like these square things with silk on them that she has to have. Knox and Viv don’t have their things yet, but I’m sure you’ll hear about it when they do.

What are the joys and difficulties of having twin babies? How are the other kids relating to the twins?

“It’s great. Yeah, during hair and make-up [sessions], I had one [baby] on each [arm]. It’s so much fun. It’s hard work and we’re exhausted. Two is twice as hard but twice as fun. Like this morning, we all had jet lag so we tried to get to bed at a decent hour. Then about 4:30 in the morning, everybody started to wake up and Brad took them for me. He said, ‘Go back to sleep, you have to work tomorrow,’ and he went out. I just heard chaos in the living room for about four hours. I tried to sleep but I kept wondering what was happening.

Brad is an amazing, dedicated father. It’s absolute chaos but the kids are really forming beautiful relationships. They (the older kids) are very loving [towards] the babies. I think that has a lot to do with the fact that we’re not working right now. We’ve had the kids home schooled. We’ve been together all the time. We haven’t gone away or spent too much time with the babies. Everybody’s getting a lot of time, so everybody’s doing pretty good.”

Sources: Showbiz

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I wish they would adopt me!! 😀 Sounds like a lot of fun.


She is such an amazing woman and mother!


i am not a fan, but i completely agree about the photographers & celebs kids…they need to keep their distance & use a longer lens…it must be so scary for the little ones. i know i would be nervous & i am a grown up who knows whats going on.


Maybe Angelina should have a little chat about parenting with Katie Holmes.


I totally agree with her about the photogs being in th kids faces, swarming the cars etc…… they have these enormous lenses on the cameras they dont need to be scaring little children the way they do – but Im sure some of these paps swarm them on purpose to get the picture of the kids upset with their famous parent trying to calm them – then they can sell a story about kids going wild & the parent not coping with the pressures of parenthood…….


sounds like she is really enjoying motherhood, that is a beautiful thing. love the fact that the kids have a whole team. it makes such a difference – they can count on each other.


I agree fee…it works. just like all the people jumping on tom and katie for not keeping suri home constantly..