Update: Angelina Jolie Covers W Magazine

Update: To see a preview of some of the pictures that will be in the upcoming magazine, go here to watch this youtube video of the “Daily 10” segment.

Angelina Jolie graces the cover of the November issue of W Magazine, which hits stands on Oct. 21. The cover shot is of the actress breastfeeding one of her twins. The pictures, taken for the magazine in in mid-August in the backyard of their French Chateau, are by none other than proud daddy Brad Pitt. The spread is 21 pages, and Brad also shows off a series of tasteful, near-nude portraits as well as playful ones of Jolie playing with their children and pulling faces for the camera.

Photo: DailyMail

W Magazine website

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  • Sophie

    I can’t wait to see these candid photos of the Jolie-Pitts!

  • claudius

    Well, the public needs something to take our minds of the fact that Changeling, her movie that she is using her current interviews to promote is on 36% on Rottentomatoes.

    Next step, a donation to charity.

  • Oh brother. Yeah, I can see how pics taken in August are totally trying to cover up a movie she’s obviously proud of. Considering that it did well at Cannes and it’s only when it comes here, where no one (including myself) is ever subjective about her, I prefer to see a movie for myself and decide if I like it.

    I want to see these pics just because I want to see how Brad sees his family. Although I’m really curious as to why they did decide to release these pics. I’m just impressed W went with a breastfeeding cover, didn’t expect that.

  • Jen

    If they have a movie or a project to promote, they think nothing of whoring out their kids.

    I saw this on another website today it really annoyed me. W is blatantly sexualizing and sensualizing something that is innocent and has been going on since the beginning of time. I mean really, is no topic hands-off anymore?

    Mothers should be outraged by this picture because W is so obviously catering to the pervs. I just have a hard time believing sweetness and innocence is what they have in mind with “near-nude photos”.

  • I’m honestly curious, what is “sexualized” about this picture? The ones inside may be sexy, but this one?

    Coming from a fan standpoint, I like them. I am interested to see the rest, because you know everyone is far more comfortable with Brad than they are with photographers from People. And some people will love it and some will hate it. I am not sure why they did it, though.

  • Jen

    I’ve never hung out with a breastfeeding mom who was actually letting it ALL hang out. They do things subtly, or they give themselves and the baby privacy with a blanket or something similar. I find it interesting that W doesn’t show a more subtle shot that still gets to the idea of what she is doing. She’s been called what, the sexiest woman in Hollywood? And now they’re showing her full-on breastfeed right before her new movie comes out? No, that’s not slimy at all.

  • Lala

    I guess the only thing I could compare it to is that I would be embarassed if pics of me breastfeeding were posted on the web or in a magazine, it just seems to me like some things should be sacred or at least private. But in this day and age, I realize that nothing is like that anymore. As far as the candid shots go, I would like to see them, but I am not going to go out and buy the magazine. They aren’t gettng any of my money, they have enough.

  • Isbell

    Jen@ You can hardly even see her breast!. And I have seen moms taking out the whole breast and breast fed theír children without caring about the people around them. Which I think is very rude.
    I don’t think that picture is something to complain about, I don’t know about the other pictures but I doubt they will be too “open”.

  • hannah

    Well, “private” is one word that could never be used to describe Brad & Angelina. I like Angelina, but I am getting quite tired of seeing new pictures & hearing new quotes from her everyday talking about how wonderful her home life is. Just enjoy it and stop talking about it! Some things are better left unsaid!

  • Amanda

    I dont see the big deal,you see more than this in parenting magazine’s of breast feeding moms.I think the photo is beautiful and I see nothing wrong with it and I’m sure that the near nude photo’s are nothing that Brad and Angelina aren’t comofortable with the public seeing.Or else Brad wouldn’t have taken the photo’s to be released.So why make a fuss over near nude photo’s that you haven’t even seen and you know that Brad wouldn’t take inappropriate photo’s of his kids or Angelina.

  • Isbell

    Hannah @ what is she suppose to then when the reportes ask her, of course she’s gonna answer ?? She is in the middle of PR right now and have to accept interviews. And what do you mean with talking about it to much? She’s hardly said anything untill now.

  • Anonymous

    you hear about it because people ask about it.

  • Theresa

    I think it’s a beautiful photo…innocent…and her eyes are full of love…for Brad…do I agree with sharing it with the public…no…but am I going to check the pics out…YES!!!

  • Amanda

    I dont get the big deal you can’t see anything!You see a little bit of Angie’s chest and one of the babies fingers thats all,you see NO breast what so ever,stop nit picking people.

  • Rinoa

    What a gorgeous shot!! I don’t understand why so many people are so uptight when it comes to nudity. Especially when it is in the context of breastfeeding. Some of the reactions on here are just nuts.

  • Cords

    Oh my, I just knew this was going to generate a whole lot of “good” people coming out and expressing their “opinions”.

    I for one never bought W magazine, but now that my fav celeb couple is gracing it’s pages…I definitely will now. I want to see the pictures of their family; I can’t put it into words why they fascinate me so…Brad and Angie I mean, but they do. The cover picture is beautiful look at her face how its glowing and her smile, my goodness she’s beautiful.

    I do not see what the big deal is with the cover picture…you can hardly see anything.

    Stop being judgmental, who cares if she’s showing her boob or breastfeeding, children are starving in Africa and women are being raped every minute! A picture of Angelina Jolie breast feeding is really not that big a deal.

    I think it’s a beautiful thing, she is giving sustenance to her child…what can be more beautiful than that!

    Have a nice day folks! 🙂

  • Lilly

    Word, Cords! 🙂

  • kassandra

    Brangie obviously have a beautiful family, but I’m uncomfortable with the idea of what are, after all, 6 young children being “pimped out” to the media whenever their parents need some positive PR. Surely those children have a right to privacy?

  • Michelle

    I agree that the cover was tastefully done, and to me it doesn’t seem like a big deal. I wanted to point out, though, Cords, that you judged the “good” people and their “opinions” in the first sentence and then you go on to say to not be judgmental. It should be noted, though, that the logic you use to back up your point of view is flawed. For example, in your argument we could change Angelina’s boob or breastfeeding to practically anything else and it wouldn’t change the outcome; for example, “Who cares if she’s vomiting on the cover, there are children starving in Africa and women being raped every minute.” The point is that some people don’t think it’s in good taste and it doesn’t mean that they think they’re “good,” but that the cover conflicts with their standards. It also doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong, necessarily, but that different people have different standards and perhaps we should be sensitive to that.

  • Natalie

    Wow, that really natural smile reminds me of pictures when she was in her teens….it’s sweet. x

  • Cords

    Michelle, thanks for your opinion…I did not realize that I was being judgmental, I was stating my opinion as you (apparently) did yours.

    Everyone has standards as you put it and I apparently offended those who do by my post; I felt that there was nothing wrong with the picture and I spoke out…does that mean that I was wrong?! Here it is I have you chewing me out because of what I said…I wonder was it my use of quotation marks in stating good people and their opinions, or the fact that I used the word judgmental?!

    I knew the picture was going to generate a lot of talk and not all of it good. Hello we are a judgmental society and you can debate that all you want to ok. I stand by what I said earlier, and to point out flawed logic as you seem to want to…you just proved my point!

    We all agree to disagree and life goes on…end of story!

    LOL @ Lilly 🙂

  • Cathy

    A lot of people on here seem to be over-reacting to this photograph, and mainly “Jen” is. The photo is not full-on and IS subtle. You can’t see her breast, nor can you even see the baby except for it’s little hand! Personally though, I don’t see why they would want to have such a personal photograph on the front cover of a magazine, although you do see some women breastfeeding in public places anyway. I think it would have been better to have one where she wasn’t breastfeeding. Having said that, I still think it’s a relatively tasteful photograph, she looks natural and nice in it and you can’t see the baby’s face which, given that Brad & Angelina’s photos are constantly plastered over magazines, tabloids, etc, makes a refreshing change and at least temporarily preserves the baby’s privacy.

  • Michelle

    Cords, I’m sorry that you felt I was chewing you out!! That was not my intention.
    I hope we will always be allowed to share our opinions; among other things, it helps us to grow our thinking and makes life interesting. My reason for posting was that sometimes we don’t notice when our thinking is illogical and I think it helps to refine our thought processes when it is pointed out. It is really easy to make emotional statements that sound good yet are not at all logical. When we make decisions based on emotions rather than logic, then we are usually led astray of the truth.
    Anyhow, please accept my apology. I didn’t intend any disrespect!! 🙂

  • Sherry

    Blah, blah, blah…… I think everyone should stop looking at Angelina like ‘mother of the year’. It’s a whole lot easier to raise a brood of children with hired help, and all mommy needs to do is pick convenient times for photo-ops. Try raising children without a nanny, cook and a maid. There’s REAL beauty!

  • G

    Here’s my thoughts

    A.) I hate the way people say that Jolie-Pitts pimp out their children. We do see a pictures of them but those taken by paparazzis are few when we compare them for i.e. Suri. When pictures are taken in controlled way it’s better than paparazzis hounting them like they do with Suri and photographing situations where children are not prepared. These kids WILL be photographed no matter what. They are the worlds most intresting celebrity family. I mean this in general way. Brad and Angie are on the top of every celebrity list. You might love them or hate them but you most likely are interested in some way. I don’t think Jolie-Pitt’s kids should be compared to i.e. Johnny Depp’s kids. They are more sought after – you don’t even see photos of Johnny Depp himself as often as Jolie-Pitt’s children. I accept that they have somewhat brought that attention to them themselves but they are handling it IMHO very gracefully.

    B.) Nakedness of those pictures are somewhat nonexistent. Western society and especially USA have made nakedness to equal sexiness. And I think that that is their (ours) problem. There is nothing wrong on being naked no matter where it is as long as it is graounded. I live in Finland were almost all mothers breastfeed publicly and most people don’t see any harm in that. We even go to sauna in mixed company and naked without anyone feeling anything sexual. It’s all in our head.

    C.) Yes, lecturing about judgementalism and same time judging someone is oxymoron but still it’s so hard to do it without judging that almost no one is capable of that – me included. Everyone is entitled to his/hers opinion but we all like to have people thinking same way than we do.

    Sorry about lecturing.

  • G

    Sherry, you are correct in some ways. She has whole flotilla of help but she is one of the best celebrity mothers IMO. She has that help but her children aren’t raised only by them. I profound this opinion on pictures we see of them when they are stalker photographed. I do respect those real life mothers very greatly but I can’t do that in same way than I can with Angelina There is no clear object for that respect – excluding my circle of acquaintances of course. But you are entitled on your opinion I just wanted to state that I disagree.

  • Antineah

    Hi people, look at this web site this is johnny depp’s wife posing while she is breastfeeding; I think that the jolie-pitt take the idea from here: johnny-depp.org/galleries/photosessions/1999/1999-banier-family/

  • Cords

    Michelle, that’s what this forum is for sharing opinions, we will not always agree and that’s ok.

    No need to apologize, we are all human and as I said before life goes on.

    Have a great weekend! 🙂

  • tinyhay

    Im so surprised people think this photo is revealing! When I first saw it I didnt even notice she was breast feeding! Its beautifully subtle.

  • Bee

    I think the photographs taken by Pitt are beautiful, the children look stunning! I think this cover pic of Angie is beautiful & shows a more tender loving side to Angie. I agree, her eyes and her smile are full of love in this picture.

  • taya

    I think that Angelina looks gorgeous! As a breastfeeding mother, I applaud her bravery to show the natural way to feed one’s offspring. She’s a role model to some people, so I think it’s positive picture. She’s just doing what’s natural, why should people care that you see a bit of breast? I honestly think it is a modest picture, and very sweet. Brad’s a good photographer!

  • Lisa G.

    To Jen, who wrote: “I saw this on another website today it really annoyed me. W is blatantly sexualizing and sensualizing something that is innocent and has been going on since the beginning of time. I mean really, is no topic hands-off anymore?

    Mothers should be outraged by this picture because W is so obviously catering to the pervs. I just have a hard time believing sweetness and innocence is what they have in mind with “near-nude photos”.
    GEEZ, LOUISE. RELAX, HONEY. Nothing pervy about these photos! Why would your mind even go there???

  • Lisa G.

    P.S. – Angelina looks lovely, as usual.

  • Devin

    Angelina is and always will be a fame whore. They have gone beyond pimping their children.

  • What upsets me most about how alot of people ‘sensualize’ this picture is when you see other celebs posing nude and pregnant on magazine covers it’s considered artistic and beautiful and them showing how proud they are of their bodies. But when Angelina has a pic breastfeeding her baby where you only see her clothed body and a tiny hand there is an uproar. It bugs the hell out of me.

    I like this family and that picture is beautiful to me, I can’t believe people have such an issue with it. I love this celeb family, I think the kids seem happy and the parents seem happy, why hate? Why? How will that help you? I get that people have their own opinions and I respect that but when the only comment you have is “Die homewrecker wh$#e” I think u should keep that to your self.


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