Angelina & The Kids In W Magazine

We’ve been keeping track of this month’s issue of W magazine, which features Angelina Jolie and her kids, and W has updated their website with the full interview and a few sneak-peak photos! The photos feature Maddox, 7, Pax, 5 next month, and Shiloh, 2, as well as a photo of Angelina with one of her now 3-month-old twins (they were 7 weeks at the time of the shoot) in a carrier. The issue hits stands October 21st. Head to the website to read the full interview and see more pictures.

Photos: W Magazine

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  1. allie

    beautiful!!! shiloh is and angel

  2. justme

    just love the picture of angelina and maddox laughing!

  3. Isbell

    wow, these pictures are very artistisk like. I thought they would be more casual pictures.

  4. kassandra

    Brad and Angelina, please stop exploiting your children for publicity because a line will eventually be crossed when they grow up and want privacy and find they can’t get it back because it will already have been sold by their parents to the highest bidder. I know you both have films to promote!

  5. G

    Kassandra, the children lost their privacy in the way you are speaking of it in the moment they were consieved/adopted. There are no way Brad and Angie could shelter them complitely from publicity. They would have to shut them inside and never let them out. By publishing their pictures themselves they lessen the preassure to take pictures of the children and they can control when and where the pictures are taken. And not make some paparazzi rich by takin millionshot of their children and use the money to do some good. I truly think in the case of one of the most photograbhed celebrity couple’s children this is the best way.

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