Gisele & Baby John In LA

Supermodel Gisele Bundchen was spotted returning to her home with Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan’s son, John Edward Thomas Moynahan. Gisele tries to hide John’s face while walking past the paps.

Photos: Flynet

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  • Lala

    Cute Little Guy.

  • She a homewreckier!

    There is nothing nice you can say about Gisele. She dated a guy who had a pregnant girlfriend of three years and both she and him dissed the mother-to-be of this beautiful little boy during her whole pregnancy. Now you see her carrying him around – another move to keep ‘her man’! Her behavior is disgusting and I cannot condone it whatsoever. She is the classic enabler. The bigger person in this whole picture is the mother of this beautiful baby – she knows how important it is for a child to have a relationship with his biological father – even though said father wanted nothing to do with him at first.

  • Isbell

    Very cute, he’s very comfortable with Gisele. She would make a great mom.

  • Isbell

    Shesahomewreckier .. You dont know a s*hit about them. If anybody did somethign wrong, its Tom Brady, Not gisele. Tom was the one having a child on the way, he was the one who where comitted, not Gisele. HE left his family. And also what do you know about Tom’s relationship with his son?, I doubt that he didn’t want anything to do with him at first, thats sounds ridicoluous. And Tom is there for his son, So is Gisele.

  • resa

    a lady dating a man while his ex was pregnant?- i can’t find the appropriate word for it–SOS!

  • Erica

    Life is messy…not every family is picture perfect thats why people have step-parents im sure peopleon this board have step-parents who love them. John looks comfortable with Giselle…It seems like Tom and Bridget have come to grips with everything and is doing what is best for John. He didnt leave his family btw…just because she was having his kid doesnt make her his family just the baby!

  • Lana

    Good for her, shielding his face. He’s too young to be exploited, like his mother does to him.

    as for the haters out there, i believe they broke up before she knew she was pregnant. And anyways, if it is not going to work, good for him admitting it, and not putting the child through the pain of having parents fighting all the time. He obviously still spends time with the child. I support tom in this, and thing bridget plays it for attention cause she knows she can’t find work any more.

  • Sam

    I dont know why people are calling her a home wrecker – it takes two to tango and I bet he didnt say no.

    how is his mother be exploiting him?

  • Janie

    John is adorable! Gisele is NOT a homewrecker. Brady and Bridget broke up before she knew she was pregnant.

  • sports fan

    Bridget Moynahan must have the patient of a saint to put up with this media ho handling her son in front of paparazzi. If Tom Brady were half a human being, these photos wouldn’t have happened.

  • cocoa


    Have you seen any pictures of John with Bridget recently? Noooo… so please explain to us how she is exploiting him. And if you’re going to cite the OK! magazine as an example, that was over a year ago. I think Bridget and Brady have both moved on and are civil to one another for Jack’s sake. I think Brady was probably ok with her moving to California because he will be devoted to football and will have much more time available to spend with his son in the off-season, anc can put in plenty of visits then. Besides, Bridget has brought the baby back East to see Tom at least once that we, the public, know about. So I think that Bridget has moved on, is happy, and loves her son. I give credit to them both for being polite to each other. No family, or individual, is perfect. I think all three of them have been acting like adults and love the baby. Children need all the love from adults they can get and if Gisele can be a loving adult presence in his life then that is a good thing.

  • G

    No one else than them knows what happened and because of that we shouldn’t judge too harsh. People do things that are not right and things happen. Sometimes it’s nobodys fault but mostly its everyones fault. Like Sam said it take two to tango. And I would say that it takes three to make this kind of situation.
    Main point is that they are trying and the boy seems to spend time with her both parents.

    Interest in celebrity babies are so high they can’t sheald children complitely. So unless they are clearly exploiting I wouldn’t condemn them.

  • Silda Malfitano

    no comment

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