The Garner-Afflecks Dine Out

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and their 2 1/2-year-old daughter Violet were spotted leaving a restaurant in Brentwood in their Mercedes.

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  • cyberkitten38

    Why does Jen carry that toddler EVERYWHERE when Ben is with her? HE should be the one carrying her..IF they must carry her at all. Jen is getting heavily pregnant and ya i know pregnant women are NOT delicate..I’ve been pregnant twice myself..but jeez would it kill him to help her out at all??

  • Willow

    Why do they carry her everywhere period. When the new baby gets here Violet is going to have a rude awakening and I’m guessing if she’s like most toddlers w/ new siblings, she may start to regress. They are my favorite celeb. family, but they need to give Violet some room to grow…and walk.

  • G

    We have seen Violet walk. And I think they carry her mostly when they are trying to get quickly in and out and not to let paparazzis to take so many pictures. Toddlers walk slower sometimes so… I’m waiting to see how they do it after the new baby is born.

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