Tom Brady & His Little Quarterback

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has been laying low after his injury during the season opener. He was seen Thursday afternoon leaving his LA home with 13-month-old son John Edward ‘Jack’.

Over the weekend Brady’s supermodel girlfriend Gisele Bundchen was spotted holding John outside his home.

John’s mom is actress Bridget Moynahan.

Photo: Fame

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  • Erica

    awww…both guys are so handsome TWINS!

  • Lana

    Oh wow. I never realized the resemblance before!

  • gia

    so serious & adorable…both of them.

  • Janie

    They are both very, very handsome!!

  • sports fan

    The baby is adorable. After what Tom Brady did to that baby’s mother during her pregnancy, I’ll never be able to look at him favorably, though.

  • RW

    question for you guys: how do you think Bridget Moynaham feels about Giselle “the other woman” taking care of baby John? Would you be ok with it? Just deal with it? Thoughts..

    • ScaRLETT

      It looks like they are all working together. As a mother, I would think that Bridgett would be grateful that Giselle loves her son and looks after him as her own. Too often that is not the case.

      If only, both sides would consider the well being of the child and not use the child against each other – what a wonderful world this would be.

  • G

    RW, I think it might be hard but you get used to it. You can’t help situation so. It’s almost never easy to see someone who was once “yours” to be with someone else, but at least he’s in babys life.

  • RW

    Good point, G. Thanks.

  • patsfan

    I am a huge pats/brady fan and as much as I love tom, what he did while bridget was preg was not right. I just hope he realizes what a beautiful baby boy he has and takes the opportunity to make up for lost time. I hope tom recovers from his injury soon we really need him (the pats do)

    ps. bridget you have a beautiful son and you should be very proud of yourself for handling what was done to you with such maturity and grace.

  • tony B

    Tom Brady hurry up and get healthy for we can win another superbowl yu dig.

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