Happy 12th Birthday Lourdes!

Name: Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon

Birthday: 14 October 1996

Parents: Madonna Ciccone & Carlos Leon

Siblings: Half-brother Rocco, 8, and adopted brother David, 3.

Fun facts:

• Her nickname is Lola

• She often accompanies her mum on charity trips and helped out in orphanages when they were in Malawi, reportedly working eight hours a day!

Madonna on Lourdes,

“Lola rules the roost. She is extremely maternal toward David. He is the apple of everyone’s eye right now. Lola is major competition with Rocco, but he’s starting to fight back. But when nobody’s looking, the two of them still creep into bed and cuddle.”

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  • Rebekka

    Happy Birthday to Lola.. Hope she has a great day and enjoys being a 12 year old.. the teenage years are ahead!!! Enjoy your day Little Star!! xoxo

  • Katrina

    omg shes only 12?! I thought she was way way way older. The stuff shes allowed to wear is WAY above her age range. im lenient when it comes to that, but you have to think about predators, and you often see her off alone with a friend.

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