The Garner-Affleck Family @ Their New Home

Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner and their 2 1/2-year-old daughter, Violet Anne, visit the construction site of their new LA home on Tuesday. It appears Ben has an interesting hand gesture for the lurking paparazzi as he walks around the site whilst holding little Violet. 😉

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  1. Sherry

    I know the paps hound Jennifer and she must be aggravated and he is defending his wife but that hurt my heart. I wish you wouldn’t print pictures like that.

  2. G

    I kind of liked the gesture. He makes his opinion clear without actually even reacting much wich is good thing when Violet is with them and could get more scared of paparazzis if the parent’s would react the way they feel.

  3. Janie

    Cute family but Ben does seem very angry and uhappy in most pictures.

  4. Isbell

    I think thats wrong to do, he cant point his finger like that infront of Violet.

  5. Amanda

    is there really a need for that gesture?great dad,flipping the paps off while holding his two year old,wonderful role model.I’ve never seen Violet scared of the paps so why does Ben feel the need to do that?grow up.

  6. Cords

    I think he needs to get over himself, the gesture was uncalled for and he’s holding his daughter to besides….how mature!

    I am sure the paparazzi can be a pain in the butt but for goodness sake shouldn’t he be used to it by now?! I mean really if he hates it so much then he should change his profession and do something less public; but then that would mean giving up the lifestyle and that big ole house they’re building and where is the fun in that!

    If they were not taking his picture I am sure he would be someplace complaining “what’s going on why is no one taking my picture”…and you know for a celebrity what that means…your 15 minutes of fame is over!

  7. Judy

    I think it would be nice it the ‘paps’ Stopped following celebs around. I know there are some who absolutely wallow in the fame, the light, the flash and the glitter, but there are an equal amount who I’d be willing to bet love making the films, and can’t wait to get home to the quiet. AND would like to go out with their families without being followed and flashbulbed.
    I mean, really, just because you pay $7.50 to see someone in a movie why does that give you a right to see what their house looks like, or where their kids go to school, or what they look like without make up?

    they’re not on the public dole, don’t expect so much for pete’s sake. We’re talking private citizens here.

    And psst Ben, your gestures were perfect!!!

  8. Sherry

    Then again, maybe he’s just jealous because they are really trailing Jennifer & Violet! He wasn’t photographed this much with Jennifer Lopez! Get over yourself, Ben!

  9. Rosy J

    Poor Ben, he is so misunderstood. When he just looks at the paps with contempt, everybody says he is miserable with his wife and baby. When he jokes with them. He loves the attention. When he is not in the picture, everybody says: “where is Ben, he is never with his family? This is the one and only time I’ve seen him flip them off and he catches flap for that. Violet did not see his hand gesture but the paps saw it. Give this guy a break for goodness sake. People in show business are not entitled to a private life? I agree with Judy on this one. You have to draw the line somewhere.

  10. Amanda

    how do you know she didn’t see it?we don’t have every single frame of every single thing they did so she could have very well saw what he did.and I figure being so close to him she probably very well did see his gesture.

  11. Rosy J

    Amanda, please for the sake of argument let’s say by some stretch of the imagination, Violet did happen to see the gesture, how would a 2 1/2 yr old child know the meaning it implied? Don’t let your dislike of a person cloud your judgment. The bottom line is, he was on his own property, minding his own business. (waving white flag)

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