Naomi & Liev Make A Quick Getaway

Despite her sizably large baby bump, Naomi Watts hoists herself up onto Liev Schreiber’s scooter and the couple makes a quick getaway.


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  • ivy

    thats kinda dangerous to be doing while pregnant. i didnt get to go on my husbands motorcycle all summer because of my pregnancy. there’s always next summer though 🙂

  • I knew someone would be saying it’s dangerous. No it’s not! It’s just a scooter ride.

  • dlock

    The only way it could be dangerous is if someone hits them or if she falls off somehow. So, I guess it too dangerous to be on while pregnant. I know your not supposed to be on a horse, go skiing, or anything like that. Maybe its just better to not get on while pregnant. But, everyone is capable of making their own decisions. I personally wouldn’t get on a scooter.

  • That logic means you can also not take walk, drive a car or actually leave your house because with all those things an accident can happen. It’s just sitting on a slow moving vehicle, not doing a motor race.

  • new

    i totally agree sarita. you might as well just stay in bed all day because you never know what is going to happen.

  • ivy

    it doesnt matter how carful you are, someone could just lightly tap a scooter/motorcycle and it would easily crash and she could fall on her stomach. that wouldnt happen in a car, on a walk.
    everyone can decide for themselves how careful they wanna be while carrying a baby, it just depends on the chances you’re willing to take. for me i didnt mind waiting for the sake of my baby.

  • Stephanie

    I knew immediately when I saw these pictures, controversey would arise. Ivy – Anyone could very easily get hit, or lightly tapped, by a car. My Grandmother was thrown through a store front window while out taking a walk – thankfully she survived! Danger could happen anywhere, anytime.

  • ivy

    of course freak accidents could happen, but why do something that you KNOW is dangerous while you’re pregnant? its just not worth it for most people.
    someone could drive their car into my house while im sitting here and kill me, but does that mean im going to go jump off a building because ‘danger could happen anywhere’ ? that’s ignorant logic.

  • dlock

    To Sarita, New, and Stephanie, my point was that, some things are more dangerous than others. I think its selfish to put yourself before your unborn child. You decided to have a child, so your telling me that you can’t wait til after you have your baby to take risks. Its just 10 months. Riding a horse or skiing for example was to point out that one could fall on their stomach n hurt themselves and the baby. No one saying stay indoors or don’t do things, but one has to be on top of their game when carrying a child. Riding a scooter to me is like smoking weed while pregnant. You don’t think anything will happen to you, but it can.

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