Michelle & Matilda Go For A Walk

Michelle Williams took her daughter Matilda Ledger, who turns 3 this month, on a walk in their Brooklyn neighborhood today. The two of them dressed for New York’s suddenly cold temperatures, but still managed to look cute! Matilda was very animated, gesturing at cars as they passed.

Photos: Flynet; VILA/ANDERSON/bauergriffinonline

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  1. Alisa

    i love how much personality Matilda has for her age. I see it in each outfit she wears, and the smile on her face in every picture. i wonder who chose the stockings… Tilda? cuteness!

  2. Rosy J

    Matilda is such a doll. I just want to give her a big hug. So cute.

  3. awwww yeah! She is!!! =)
    Lovely smile

  4. Rosy J

    I love that last pic where she and Michelle are kneeling and she is about to pick up a leaf. I am near tears when I think about how her third birthday is coming up and her dad won’t be here to celebrate with her. So heartbreaking.

  5. Rosy J, it really is. 🙁 So sad that there will come a time in this child’s life where she will have lived longer WITHOUT her daddy than she did WITH him. So very sad. But she seems like a wonderful child and I think her mom is capable of raising her right!

  6. Sherry

    It’s nice to see Michelle smiling again too.

  7. Jennie

    Oh my god, be still my heart! She’s just too precious. I loveeeeeeeeee seeing pictures of these two! It really makes my day 🙂

  8. ruwial

    Matilda is just gorgeous! She looks like a happy, content child.

  9. Jasmin

    Matilda’s outfit is beautiful!

  10. Lioness

    Oh, I love this little lady. What a beautiful pair these two are. I love Matilda’s outfit!

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