Myleene Klass: “I Want An Orchestra Of Children!”

Being a new mum: “Yes, I was knackered! So many people, especially in the public eye, look like their lives are perfect. No one’s life is perfect. Everyone’s got things that go on and to say that I’m exhausted because I’m feeding a baby five times through the night, you know, it’s absolutely okay! Nobody says it enough because they think it looks like they can’t cope.”

Changing her mind and wanting more kids: “I’ve completely changed my mind. He’s (partner Graham Quinn) going for a football team and I’m going for an orchestra. I want billions of babies!”

Fitting in motherhood with work: “Well, Ava is always with me – I’ve made sure of that. I’ve also created a job where I can bring my baby to work so I know I’m very fortunate in that respect. It all centres around my baby. But I think you just find your own way, you find your own way of managing – every family does that. I mean in fairness, I only have one. I really don’t know how these mothers do it with four or five kids. How on earth do they do it?! They just crack on, don’t they?!”

Having another child next year: “I’d say that would be very nice. I’ve been blessed with one child, you never know what happens.”

Mums buying lots of clothes for their babies: “Well, we love to extend our own wardrobes with shoes and handbags, and then suddenly another little one comes along and we can do it all over again. It’s great!”

Buying Ava lots of clothes: “I’ve been absolutely shocking. I get real pleasure from putting her little shoes next to my big shoes.”

Ava being cute and letting her be a child model: “Thank you, but I’ve decided that when she’s old enough, 16 or 18, she can decide if she wants to be involved in the world of showbiz. Until then, she can’t decide, so I’m keeping her out of it.”

Spending more money on Ava’s clothes than her own: “Yes, I would say I do actually. Only because, in fairness, the job that I do, a lot of the clothes I just use – I borrow and give back – because they only get, like, one trial if you like. But I could happily go shopping for her all day.”

Deciding what she’s going to wear: “Sometimes I lie in bed and plan it at night! I think, ooh that would be cute, I’ll put that on her tomorrow. You know, they’re the most precious things in our lives and you’d give them anything. That’s not to say I want her to be spoilt because I certainly don’t. But at the moment she doesn’t know so I’m just giving her lots of clothes. I know she’s going to get to three and decide she knows exactly what she wants to put on and it’s going to be pink welly boots, with a green jacket and a blue hat!”

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Source: OK! Magazine, Pg 73-81, Issue 644, 14 October 2008

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