Tom Cruise Gives Suri A Kiss

Tom Cruise took his 2-year-old daughter Suri out for ice cream at Sundaes and Cones in Manhattan today, and on the way he stopped to give her a kiss!

Photos: Mario Magnani/

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  1. Leandra

    How about putting her in more casual clothes once in a while and some running shoes? Surely wearing dress shoes all the time can’t be that comfortable. Also the bangs are long again and need to be cut.

  2. Sam

    I agree with Leandra, Please put her in some play clothes and cut her hair; it must be driving her crazy having it in her eyes like that and how about some play mates her own age – you never see her playing with kids her own age only being taken out by her parents. Growing up with only adults around her; she is going to have trouble relating to kids her own age when she goes to school.

    Even though her parents give her all the material possessions she could desire and dote on her – She must be a lonely little girl.

  3. L.

    Noo! Not overindulgence! We’ve now witnessed, what, at -least- a total of two hours of this toddler’s life, and not -one- playdate! And what’s this with pretty little dresses and shoes just about every day? Hair growing long? *sob* Someone needs to protect this poor child. Who wants to head a Save the Suri campaign?!

  4. Isbell

    Oh please you are all overreacting.. does it seem like she is freezing in these pictures? No.

  5. Katrina

    um.. since when do paps attend play dates in private homes? You have no idea what goes on in their lives, so youre just reaching at this point. Secondly, there are SO many little girls that prefer dressing up, and her dressing up is obviously going to look more formal as thats the type of people her parents are.

    weve been seeing matilda in dresses and costumes a ton, and everyone is totally embracing it, but heaven forbid suri wears dresses when shes seen out on the town with her parents. You dont know whats going on in their private lives, what she wears when she plays, etc, so its about time to stop acting like your mental well being rests on the clothing shes wearing out and about

  6. Sherry

    I see he’s trying the ‘Katie-squeeze grip’ on Suri now. I thought maybe she was ‘pulling’ Daddy up but by the look on her face and the position of her hand, it’s Tom doing the pulling.

  7. Michelle

    Great post, L 😀 hahaha
    It does seem to get a bit ridiculous, doesn’t it?!!

  8. Audrey

    I dont’ mind her always in dresses. My daughters wore nearly only dresses at this age because I loved the look. When they turned around three they acquired their own opinion and started with pants. You have to put them on them when you can. Opportunity can often be short.

  9. Jasmin

    I would’ve also made my daughter wear pretty princess dresses like these until that time comes when she decides on what to wear on her own.
    her hair.. it’s a miracle she can even walk on her own with her bangs covering her eyes like that..

    but still I don’t think TomKat are any worse as parents than Brangelina or JenBen Afflecks… we are a little more prejudiced against them, so everything about them bothers us. that’s all..

  10. Rosy J

    When parents are dressed warm and casual, it seems to me their baby should be dressed in a like manner. There are some cute warm clothes for kids. Case in point; Matilde Ledger looks very cute in her little outfit, tights and jacket with a skirt and cap that is more suited for autumn weather in NYC.

  11. gia

    i think her little girliness is adorable, dresses are sweet & wearing them everyday isnt a big deal…her bangs are what concerns me. she is not a supermodel, so the long bangs look ridiculous & they are always in her eyes. if they are growing them out i wish they would pull them back in a barrette or something.
    i have to believe suri is somewhat spoiled though & its possible she fights them to wear what she wants & for them to leave her hair alone.

  12. Dea

    Unfortunately kids her age now has a sense of choice to what they want to wear etc. My son is only 2 years old and already INSISTS on what to wear everyday to school. As much as I dont like Tom cruise and his attention-addiction, it’s their child so lets move on..

  13. Kate

    There’s a video on Perez Hilton, I think it’s taken at the same time as these photos. Tom takes an obviously scared Suri through a crowd, who are all yelling at her like she’s some kind of zoo animal “aww, she’s so cute! Hi Suri!” and then, when they get to the car, instead of quickly putting his little girl inside where she might feel more comfortable, he actually stands and poses with her for photos. That poor, poor child! I am disgusted with him.

  14. G

    What worries me is that there is obviously somewhat cold weather. Matilda was dressed warmly just a few days before. I hope that when the winter comes they will dress her more warmly

  15. Anonymous

    I imagine that only hearing the paps and not actually seeing them (bangs) is pretty scary for a toddler!

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