Helena Bonham Carter Has Her Hands Full!

After flying in from London, Helena Bonham Carter arrives at LAX airport with her two children – Billy Ray, 5, and 10-month-old daughter Nell on Sunday.


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  • G

    She’s cute. And looks so much like her father

  • V

    oh my god… look at that chubby baby! so so cute! her chubby legs and those cheeks…. cutest baby girl in show biz.

  • Lora

    That is one big baby.

  • gia

    nell is a big girl! what a chubby cutie!

  • jamie

    im thinking shes overfeeding that baby! wow shes hugeeeeeeee

  • Jen

    Nell is soooo cute! I love chubby babies! ^^ Also, I doubt that she’s over-feeding her :/ My boys were chubby as infants but then thinned down when they got more active and I never over-fed them.

  • poppy

    I think Nell has the cutest baby face ever. Boy has she gotten chubby though!

  • Goodness gracious! That little Nell Burton is enormous! I just want to gobble her up! What a cutie! Billy Ray reminds me a bit of the little boy in The Ring and The Ring 2, but he looks like a very sweet and funny boy. I just adore Helena Bonham Carter. And her kids are gorgeous.

  • Dea

    Nell is a pack of cutey goodness (I just made that up). She is like a mini michelin 🙂

  • kim

    So cute!! I wonder if they had to extend the straps! That is one seriously chubby baby.

  • kim

    Seriously, she’s bigger than her brother!

  • Kris

    My niece was chubby like that. She is now a skinny mini 6 yr. old.

  • Lala

    She is adorable. I think thats the first time I have ever seen arm rolls on a baby 😀

  • Lioness

    Fatty fat fat!! Nell is sooo cute, I love chubby babies. She’s adorable.

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