Celeb Baby Gear: Get the Look!

  • Suri wears a Janie and Jack Silk Dress from the Tartan Rose collection. Not available anymore but found a bunch on Ebay. Also the Vintage Floral Silk Dress looks similar – on sale for $47.99!
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    • Sherry

      This would be a pretty Easter dress….not pre-Thanksgiving.

    • Concerned

      It would be nice to see Suri wearing something other than a dress to keep her warm. Some socks, stocking and a jacket or sweater would do. It’s mid October and she is just a little girl. The grown ups around her are always dressed for the weather.

    • Millie

      Does anyone ever say anything positive on these threads. The dress is stunning…so stunning in fact I just found it on E-bay and bought it for my granddaughter for 65.00. I think people do not say positive things because they are jealous that Suri wears the best designer clothes in the world, as she should . If you have the money who better to spend it on than your children or grandchildren. I agree though that she should have a sweater and perhaps tights as this picture was taken in NY and it is cold here. We need to be less critical.

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