Colin Farrell – Seeing Things Clearly Now

Colin Farrell has seen his fair share of tabloid headlines for his wild lifestyle that ended in rehab. Now, Farrell is playing a corrupt cop searching for redemption in Pride and Glory and being a doting single dad to his 5-year-old son James.

On if James is like him: “He doesn’t really remind me of me at all. Maybe I should get a blood test. Actually, he’s just his own little creature, thank God. I remind myself of myself too much. It would be unfortunate if my son reminded me of me, as well.”

On the silly moments with James where they’re just having fun: “There’s times I play with him and I do certain things and he kind of looks at me like I’m an idiot. I think we kind of use children to get back to what we deem to be a purer form of ourselves at times. And sometimes it doesn’t suit them. They’d rather we act a little more grown-up.”

On how he seems a little more guarded with the press: “A lot of people who are looking at me haven’t a clue, and I’m fine with them not having a clue. I don’t need to get out there and put my heart and my soul on the line and my dreams and my fears. Most of the time, I’m frivolous and I’m having a laugh at it cause I enjoy having a laugh. But when I need to get serious, I do get serious. Things affect me hugely but I don’t need to share that with anyone, unless they’re people that I love and trust.”

On what helps him deal with celebrity: “I’m seeing things in a little more clear picture now. When I first came to Hollywood, I was told, ‘You’re this. You’re that. You can’t do this. You can’t do that.’ And I think I probably went, ‘Well f *** you all, watch me do it, and watch me do it big.’ Now, I can live my life the way I’ve kind of always lived it. I just don’t have to wear it on my sleeve as much. I have a son so I just want to make sure that he’s well taken care of.”

Source: Parade

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