Suri Cruise Gets A Haircut!

Tom Cruise and daughter Suri, who is sporting a shorter new haircut were spotted leaving their Manhattan apartment on Tuesday on their way to the heliport on the East side.


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  • Anonymous

    why, with all of their money, do they always let that child’s hair get so long before finally cutting it. I always think they are trying to grow out her bangs, and then it’s cut. Ridiculous.

    And, get some pants for this girl!! It’s SOOOOO much easier to run and play in pants than silk dresses. They treat her like a little doll, not a child.

  • Rachel

    YAY!!! They finally cut her hair! I really like the short bob on her…suits her well 🙂

  • Leandra

    Yes, I guess they do get to the bangs eventually. However, I saw a picture of another celebrity kid out with the parents in NYC today and he was bundled up in a parka!!….and Suri doesn’t even have a sweater on?….just one of those frilly dresses as usual. Is she really demanding to wear a dress every day? It is possible I guess and there could be a reason for this as well.

  • Lori

    Why doesn’t she ever have a coat on?? I don’t understand, it is cold in New York and I don’t care if they are just running from the front door to the car, or whatever, It is cold out, I know, I live here. Her parents are always dressed warmly and she is always in a short sleeved dressed. it really aggrevates me!!

    Kudos to Michelle Williams, the other day there was a pic of the 2 of them and Mathilda had a coat and a hat on!!

  • MissM

    Thank you, Suri. Youve made others feel “so good” again by giving them a chance to bash you and your parents at your expense. Stay strong and beautiful!

  • G

    MissM, one thing is clear: there are cold in NY and she is there and she wears only frilly dresses. If other children and adoults dress warmly (even her own parents) she should be dressed warmly too. Children loose theur body temperature faster than grown-ups. I’m not one to judge parents about cutting their childs hair or dressing them not so warmly for a quick way to the car in just a little bit cold weather but I know that there are actually cold in NY and those frilly beatiful dresses are not warm enaugh. Add thingts and jacket and I would be quet.

  • Helena

    Maybe they want Suri to get sick or just don’t care. It is very hot around here and even if there is a little cold wind, I at least put on a sweater for my little boy for the one or two hours until I take of my sweater. So please put that girl in a track suit or long sleeved dress even if she is in public every day. Take her feeling in concederation and not the newspapers and holywood glam.

  • gia

    yipee!! suri finally got a haircut!! she can see again.

  • Eva_baby

    Why do people assume they are trying to freeze this child? We see a snapshot taken at a moment in time and think we know the whole story?

    The weather in the Northeast is very changeable this time of year. One day it will 70 degrees outside and the next it can be 60. Heck it can be 60 in the morning and 75 in the afternoon. My own kids still have “summer memory” I have to threaten them to get them to wear a jacket and even so they come back home with it in their back packs.

    Also, maybe they don’t feel they have to bundle her up to go from warm building to warm limo waiting right at the curb?

  • Mia

    Will they please get some hearing protection for this girl. I’ve seen several videos of her going on their private jet or a helicopter like in the second photo and she’s covering her ears. I guess they think it won’t go with her wardrobe.

  • Kris

    I kind of liked the long hair on them both~ Katies needs to grow hers back like yestedsay.

  • Lioness

    God, you people are so judgmental, take it easy. We have no idea what these people are like, what kind of parents they’re like, what Suri’s like, how long she was out without a wretched coat, whether Suri liked her hair long, etc. Just relax and look at the pictures. Suri’s cute with short hair, I think. And maybe she’s only outside for five minutes at a time. Maybe she’s hot. We don’t know! Pics only give us snapshots.

    That said, it is rather cold in NY right now :-P…

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