Violet Affleck Does The School Thing

Expectant mommy Jennifer Garner picked her 2 1/2-year-old Violet daughter up from nursery school this afternoon. This morning, she and husband Ben Affleck dropped her off, and she definitely looked a little sleepy!

Photos: Flynet

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  • Rosy J

    Too bad the same can’t be said for you anonymous. Pretty is as pretty does but ugly is to the bone. Take the mask off, it’s not Halloween yet.

    Violet is adorable.

  • Leandra

    Violet is getting cuter by the day, such a pretty little face. I’m not sure why haters feel they have to make stupid untrue remarks about celebrity children. She is totally adorable.

  • Anonymous

    I just have one question…why are all these women carrying these big ass kids like they’re two years old????!!!!! Jennifer is carrying her like she’s not pregnant, geez! Let them walk already! If you look at these pictures you will see these mom’s carrying kids that look like they weigh more than the parents. Just simple, LOL!

  • TB

    Why are all these mom’s carrrying these big azz kids around like they’re babies??!!!! Isn’t Jennifer pregnant?! Geez give it a rest already! Liz is carrying Milo, Hedi carries her big azz kids two at a time…and this chick is PREGNANT and carrying her?! Let them walk! Hold their hands, the kids look like they weigh more than the parents. Goodness!

  • Laura

    maybe they carry them because there are always camera men in their way and the children would be more likely to run off if they get scared . . . i would carry my child around all the time too if there were people trying to get their picture all the time.

  • TB

    I guess…camera’s or no camera’s I’m not lugging around a big azz kid. If they can’t follow directions and hold my hand then maybe I need to break the rules down to my kid clearer or put one of those harnest things on them (which I also hate)…on the flip side, I think it’s CRAZY that we don’t have laws on the books to protect them from the razzis. I mean…I heard one actress saying they can get extremely close. That to me, is just horrid.

  • Leandra

    Angelina is the winner I think. She was recently carrying Pax and he’s 4 1/2. But I don’t care one way or the other. If they want to throw their backs out lugging them around until they’re in grade school then that’s their problem.

  • Maggie Tillman

    Why do these moms have to have a nanny with them everywhere they go? It’s only one kid.

  • Katrina

    there is no nanny here..what are you talking about

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