Russell Crowe Bonds With Charlie

Russell Crowe picked up his son Charlie, 4 1/2, from school in Australia, and they stopped at a bakery for some treats. Russell took a little time to give Charlie a quick cuddle in the bakery!

Russell has been growing his hair out for his upcoming role as Robin Hood in Nottingham, and he has promised his ponytail – which must be at least 10 inches to be donated – to Locks of Love, an organization which makes wigs for young cancer patients.

Photos: Flynet

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  • Layne

    Every time you see Russell with his kids, they’re ALL looking more adorable!

  • broooklynmom

    ewwww! who would want that ” HAIR”?????

  • It looks fine to me. As for who would want it – probably any poor kid who doesn’t have any and has seen Gladiator.

  • Francisca Susi

    Oh, relax brooklynmom! That hair is for his upcoming movie role as the sherriff in “Nottingham”, a new version of Robin Hood tale that he’s gonna shoot next March 2009 with (again) Sir Ridley Scott. Russell is always obsessive when it comes to preparing his role. If you wonder why he doesn’t wear a long wig instead, then you don’t know him. He actually hates long hair! He said that it was like bringing a dead koala on his back. LOL!

    Charlie is getting big now, isn’t he?! Wow, time flies so fast! Russ surely is proud of his boys.

  • Liz

    “ewwww! who would want that ” HAIR”?????”

    You obviously didn’t see him on Leno. His hair was down, soft, shining and a thoroughly glorious mane to die for.

  • broooklynmom

    OMG! You people really make me laugh, you talk about some celebrity like you have the inside scoop. I happen to be a make-up artist who has worked with RC and I’ve got to tell you he really is not big on showering or personal hygene, so I’m sure leno’s people had their hands full making him the gleaming, shining , streaming ,flaxen, waxen vision that you say he was.

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