The Alba-Warrens Child & Eco-Friendly Home

Jessica Alba showcases her child and eco-friendly home in the latest issue of InStyle.

On her hubby Cash Warren: “He’s pretty organized for a dude.”

On their newly renovated LA home: “It’s kid-friendly, animal-friendly. You can jump on the sofas, walk around barefoot. There’s nothing off-limits here. The energy here is so inviting – it is open and playful. And everywhere you look, inside and out, you get to see a part of nature.” (They have three dogs and a 5-month-old daughter Honor Marie.)

Check out more pictures featuring Jessica, Cash, and Honor’s home at

Photo: InStyle

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  • Katrina

    well.. i kinda like that shes a dog person lol. makes me happy

  • Kris

    I like that she’s not as stuffy as I thought. (jumping on the couches)

  • “Child-friendly”? I thought pools were supposed to have a perimetre fence with self-closing gates? Perhaps it is baby friendly…but when little Honor starts getting around! I’d be so afraid of that open pool of water.

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