More of Katie & Suri At The Park

We already posted adorable pictures of Katie Holmes and her 2 1/2-year-old daughter Suri in the park, but there were a few more that are just too cute! The pair visited a playground and stopped by a children’s Halloween picnic.

Katie has been appearing in the Broadway show All My Sons, and on Tuesday she returned to TV for a brief appearance on Eli Stone.


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That haircut does NOTHING for the poor kid. It sorta makes her look like a piggy, which bugs me because i think shes so cute. A pony tail wont kill her


Actually, Suri creeps me out a little bit. Well, not Suri but this weird family. Suri is growing and is not that cute anymore. Also, Katie & Tom are weird. It looks like they are sacrificing Suri’s childhood so they can LOOK like the perfect, always happy family. Suri is probably the little queen in the house, Katie is a major pushover and Tom is running this freak show. Well, at least this is what it seems to me!

Your kid may want to wear flimsy dress shoes and thin cotton dresses the end of October but the parent doesn’t have to give in when it comes to dressing sensibly. This time of year surely she would be much more comfortable in a cute little pair of sneakers, a pair of pants and at least a sweater. If pants aren’t appropriate get the kid in some warmer long sleeved dresses and a pair of warm tights at least. Also, if you give them a choice, lay out two outfits on the bed, then they still think they’re in control… Read more »

Everyone else has on coats and hats in these pictures! What is the matter with Suri’s parents??? They are so strange.


I agree, why is she always in short sleeved dresses and dress shoes with not even socks on? It’s crazy, why can’t the kid wear some pants and tennis shoes and something warm to play outside in when it is October in New York…’s crazy! I don’t like the haircut, but I also do not think she is that cute of a kid either anyway!


Thank goodness KATIE remembered to wear two shirts and a wool jacket. It looks cold!


it is FREEZING in nyc right now.. for the love of god put clothes her.. or someone call child protection services.. truly outrageous.. and agree terrible haircaut on a cute girl

Queen of the LaLa Land
Queen of the LaLa Land

Mimi: I’ve got to say that I agree with you. You see Katie (and other people in the background) all bundled up and Suri in a short-sleeved dress and no tights. The child must be freezing…
Put her some clothes on!


Wow..really going for Dora the Explorer look there! Doesn’t this child ever get cold?? Her mom’s all dressed up in a sweater and coat and she’s in a summer dress? Maybe that’s a Suri robot…the real one’s at home all cozy and warm…ha…ha…


Katrina, I agree. I actually think she’s much cuter with shorter hair. (I didn’t really mind her bangs, before.)


Her little nose looks so red and cold!