Violet Affleck Heads To School

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck dropped their 2 1/2-year-old daughter Violet off at her nursery school today. Ben seemed a bit upset with the paparazzi – more upset than Violet was! This afternoon, Jen picked Violet up. The couple are expecting their second child this winter.

You can see Ben in the upcoming He’s Just Not That Into You, which has been completed for awhile and is due out in February 2009.

Photos: Andrade, Perkins,; Flynet

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  • Jasmin

    every single day they drop their kid at school and the paps shoot it. don’t you think that this is extremely boring for Ben&Jen? look, even for us to read that they took Violet to school every day.. bravo!!

  • Kris

    Violet is such a pretty little girl. Looks so much like them both! Love this family. I agree, they need some more privacy, although I do like seeing current pics of them.

  • Leandra

    I see these celebrities more than I see my own family. We don’t need pictures of them every single day! Walking up the sidewalk with Violet to bring her to school, picking Violet up from school, putting Violet in the car…please – it’s not interesting anymore.

  • Lala

    Yeah I agree, and I know what is going to be said….these are the pics the paps are taking, and they are the only ones available..etc etc etc. But if you didn’t run them then maybe there won’t be such a demand for them and the paps will move on to other celebs, then poor Ben won’t have to get all hissy with the paps and we can be spared more mundane pics of Violet’s daily walk to her classroom and Suri’s daily walk into her mom’s rehersals.

  • Sherry

    I think we are ALL waiting for the time a pap makes little Violet cry and bury her head (like Suri) THEN we will see the pictures of Ben (or Jen!) being hauled off to jail! 🙂

  • Rosy J

    I agree with Kris, Violet is such a pretty little girl. Perfect combo of both her parents. As for those who don’t appreciate seeing photos of their routine trips to and from school. Allow me to suggest that you just scroll past them and allow others who perhaps don’t visit this blog everyday to pick and chose for themselves what it is of interest to them. Just a thought.

  • Rosy J

    I also like your comment Sherry. That was funny. lol

  • meg

    I’m sick of seeing ben pissed that they take pics of him, you want to be left alone then -here’s an idea’ DON’T LIVE IN L.A.
    do you ever see pics of matt damon and his kids? no never, that’s cause he doesn’t live in L.A. even when he’s working in L.A. you never see pics of his family.
    it is possible to be left alone, garner and affleck obviously don’t really want to be or they’d move.
    it’s fun for them to bitch about it.

  • Jeannie

    I understand why Ben is mad about the paps swarming outside her school. He worries about his child’s safety as much as every other parent. There are sick people in the world and though the name of the school is not in the pictures, some wacko could find it.

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