Harrison Ford & Liam Buy Costumes

Actor Harrison Ford and son Liam, 7, headed to the Ursula’s Costumes store in Brentwood, California, to pick up some Halloween costumes. Mom is Calista Flockhart.

Calista is currently starring in the ABC show Brothers & Sisters, and Harrison is set to begin filming Crowley.

Photo: REVOLUTIONPIX/bauergriffinonline

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  • Isbell

    How comme Liam is so pale?

  • Amy

    Although Harrison has been in Liam’s life for a long time, he technically isn’t his father. Calista adopted Liam before dating Harrison.

  • Harrison is raising him; I doubt Liam calls him “technically-not-dad.”

  • Rosy J

    Harrison considers Liam his son and that’s good enough for me. They have a great relationship.

  • Katrina

    as someone who was raised by someone who “technically isnt my father” i can tell you for a FACT, that he was and always be my father. No stepfather, technically not father, none of that crap. Your father is the man who is there for you, raising you and guiding you, period.

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